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RoC Eternel White Intensive Whitening Night Cream Review

WHAT IS IT: RoC Eternel White Intensive Whitening Night Cream


RoC Eternel White Intensive Whitening Night Cream: This whitening cream intensively revitalizes skin overnight to promote overall fairness. Specifically formulated to target skin damage during the day, it deeply penetrates into the stratum corneum of the skin while you sleep, to help restore the skin's luster and translucency the next morning.

Contains Brightening ACP complex (unique combination of Active Soy, Stabilized Vitamin C & Portulaca Extract), which effectively inhibits melanin production and promotes overall skin fairness. Enriched with Vitamin E, it helps reduce skin damage caused by environmental exposure during the day. With a cocktail of moisturizing ingredients extracted from soybean and other plants in a non-sticky smooth formula, it acts deep in the stratum corneum to replenish skin's moisture lost during the day.

The cream texture looks white and creamy, but the consistency feels more gel-based as it actually absorbs pretty well. The cream is so smooth, it feels like you are applying a layer of whipped cream, the scent is wonderful and it doesn't leave any sticky or greasy/oily feeling.

Skin instantly looks moisturized right immediately after application, as you can see in the photo above.

VERDICT: First of all, the scent! The scent isn't heavy at all, so if you are someone who needs to apply night cream before bedtime, but dread the scent night creams mostly have. You can rest assured that this RoC Eternel White Intensive Whitening Night Cream will go well with you. The scent specifically doesn't border on nauseousness, as night creams which are too overpowering in scent will effectively turn you off from applying them in the first place. What I like is that the scent although lingers on , but it is still light enough. Imagine going to bed right after applying this, smearing the cream from your face to your pillow and catching a whiff of the night cream on the pillow itself. Feels pretty weird right?

What I adore about this night cream is that, despite the cream looking so thick and creamy, it doesn't feel heavy on my skin after application. In fact, it's so smooth I feel as if I am applying a layer of whipped cream. Yep, that's how light this night cream really is. And on top of that, it doesn't take too long for the product to be thoroughly absorbed into the skin at all. Which means, you don't need to keep massaging until the point where your arm feels like it's going to drop off. And immediately, I noticed my skin looking much more moisturized than before. It's like my skin just got quenched of it's thirst right immediately after application.

And did I mentioned how this night cream doesn't make my skin feel greasy nor oily at all? That's right! As usual with night creams that literally looks cream-based and acts cream-based, this night cream actually has the texture of cream, but the consistency that is more gel-like. It absorbs really well, and doesn't leave any greasy nor oily feeling at all. And even hours after application, my skin doesn't feel nor looked too oily either. Which I think is a godsend, because as a user with oily skin, I really dread using products that end up making my skin look and feel much more oilier and greasier than before.

And as I have previously mentioned before in many of my posts, I tend to have quite a few old blemish and acne scars on my face, so I targeted the night cream usage mostly on these unwanted blemishes and scars continuously for a week. And I am really impressed to see that this somewhat new but unsightly blemish/acne scar under my chin is getting considerably lighter than it used to be. Which I think is actually impressive, as I am not really a night cream user at all. Hence, I generally tend to use a overall facial serum instead, that can be used both day and night. So yes, I am surprised that the very first night cream I used actually works for me.

And we all know that if you have fair or pale skin, you have to maintain it's fairness or paleness as much as you possibly can. Especially with the right products that helps. Or else, if you so much as get a tan without meaning to, it will take quite some time for a tanned skin to go back to looking fair. I mean, sure, you can try bleaching. But why go through all that pain and suffering when the simplest thing you can do is to dutifully apply a night cream that is dedicated to maintaining your skin's fairness? And trust me, this RoC Eternel White Intensive Whitening Night Cream is already making some of my old blemish and acne scars fade off. And I am really confident that my skin can attain overall even skin tone sooner than I expect.


WHAT I THINK: Looks heavy-duty, but feels like cloud. And it does help to lighten up my old blemish and acne scars.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: None for now. I got this tub when I was picked as one of the winners for the Discover RoC app on RoC Singapore Facebook page at during August last year (2012). However, you can try asking at the RoC counter at Watsons if they have sample sachets for you to try :)

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