Friday, March 8, 2013

2B Alternative Into Arm & Body Review

WHAT IS IT: 2B Alternative Into Arm & Body


2B Alternative Into Arm & Body: Adopting a new Heat Deep Penetrating (HDP) formula that reaches the fats cells layer with high speed fat burning, 2B Into Arm and Body produces more apparent effects than any fat burning machine from beauty salons. It removes stubborn fats, define your waist, and tune up your flabby arms.

The product actually has this jelly-like consistency, the scent is surprising decent. But it leaves this sticky sensation on my hands, after application.

VERDICT: The scent is actually decent, I would say. It's a cross between fruity and light minty, but nothing too nauseous to end with. The consistency is actually close to jelly or thick jell-o, although as soon as you got it from tube to skin, it actually spreads rather well although it does take a little massaging to ensure it gets absorbed into the skin. And luckily, the scent doesn't linger on unnecessarily after application. And I recalled a particular brand that is similar, but meant for the whole body only which has this strong scent that puts me off from using on a regular basis. So, I would actually prefer this 2B Alternative than the old one I used to come across, if I had to choose which one to use.

And considering the fact that most of us females tend to have issues with little flabs here and there all over our bodies, I would dare say that the actual retail size won't be enough to last for even a good 3 months before you had to run out and buy a new tube or 2 to carry on using in order to see results. Yes, I am talking about these specific areas:

  • Chicken Wing Upper Arms a.k.a Flabby Upper Arms
  • Thunder Thighs a.k.a Flabby Thighs
  • Spare-Tyre / Belly Fat / Love Handles a.k.a Stubborn Belly Fat

But since I am more concerned on my stomach area, I only used this sample on my mid-section. And like the previous one I've tried and reviewed meant for the face, I've been diligently using it on my tummy for a good one week. And so far, I dare say there has been no changes to the size of my tummy. Nope, no slightly or minutely smaller waistline at all. In fact, my tummy still looked pretty much the same. And let's face it, I'm not being hyper imaginative that my tummy will lose close to 20cm from using it. Just a decent 1cm to 3cm difference would have been enough to make me die happy from trying, no matter how diligent I am.

What I find is that, after applying this product on my tummy using my fingers/hands to massage it in, my hands actually felt really sticky and I really detest my own hands getting all sticky, even in the name and pursuit of beauty on and off. And the stickiness doesn't really wear off either, despite me being patient about it. And I had to literally wash off the stickiness with soap and water. However, here's the funny deal. My tummy itself doesn't feel sticky after being applied with this product. Weird, huh?

Although luckily, I do have to admit that I do not see any skin allergies or bad after-effects after using this for a good 1 week. Nothing bad showed up immediately after using, during the one week of trying and after exactly one week of using it. And along the way, we all have slight wrinkles from our tummy area due to the unwanted fat deposited there, isn't it? Well, the fat wrinkles are still there, probably waving their invisible little chubby arms at me for all I am aware of. And the digestion part? What digestion part?

And with slimming products that we are supposed to apply on our bodies, instead of the other type where it comes in the form of having to nom it, this one doesn't exactly give off a heating or slight warm and fat burning sensation either. In fact, I actually felt nothing of that sort. Except for the back of my hand which I applied a little and massaged into that felt a little warm, but that's pretty much about it. Just a slightly warm feeling on the back of my hand, but no warm sensation of any type on my tummy at all. And considering that this sample size I got is worth 10ml, I doubt I can actually prolonged it to last me a whole month in order to see any actual results.


WHAT I THINK: If the price of S$45+ is the size of a big body wash bottle, I would willingly buy and try it out long-term to see if it's effective. But at the foremention price that comes in a tube form, I don't think so.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: I previously got this sample before The Sample Store changed their delivery fee from S$2.99 to S$3.99. So, if you are really curious to get the sample version and give it a try, by all means do so. As the actual retail prize is really expensive. And if it doesn't work, paying S$2.99 or S$3.99 is ultimately cheaper than paying over S$50+

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