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One A Day Advanced Formula Multivitamin Review

WHAT IS IT: One A Day Advanced Formula Multivitamin


One A Day Advanced Formula Multivitamin: Bone strength and breast health are not just issues for older women. You can start to lose bone mass as early as your 30's and you need to monitor your breast health as early as possible. One A Day Women's is a complete multivitamin specially formulated for leading health needs of women. It contains twice as much Calcium as Centrum to promote strong bones and twice as much Vitamin D - which emerging research suggests may support breast health.

This is a sample bottle, hence there's only 5 tablets in it. However, I got 2 bottles, making it 10 tablets in total.

VERDICT: First of all, there's no smell or scent to this One A Day tablets that are meant for women. I'm sure we are always assaulted with so many different multivitamin tablets for women, and the benefits for each different brand is just as endless. And I haven't even go on about multi-mineral supplement yet. And among so many types and brands, we are always stumped with deciding which are the better choices, or simply put excellent choices. You can't, to be honest. Most of them offers the same health benefits, while there may be some which offers slightly more than the average.

The thing about One A Day is that, it offers an improved formula that has more calcium. Yes, more calcium meant that you can go around tiny little Singapore (not really that tiny, but well, we are tiny on the world map) collecting more samples, freebies, prizes, goodies, so on and so forth. I also noticed that my ankles hurt on and off, and I don't even recalled spraining nor fracturing my ankle ever. What's good about One A Day is that it reportedly has 2x more calcium than the average Centrium brand that is available and can be bought easily in your local pharmacy.

Prior to taking this One A Day, I mentioned that my ankles are always hurting. And it's only going to 2 different places in the same area (namely Orchard Road) to collect my free samples, and even before I am done with the second place, my ankles are already hurting like mad. And get this, those 2 places where I collect my samples are never too far from each other, in fact, it's just actually less than a bus-stop away. But after trying my first sample bottle, I noticed that my ankles are hurting less than usual. Which I personally think is a big deal, no matter how you look at it. Because, let's face it, weak ankles means you hurt more when you attempt to go to even more places/location for your freebies. Which ultimately makes you want to slack a little in the end.

But then, I realized that you might probably need to boost the benefits by taking another similar multivitamin to boost the benefit(s) to a good 100%. And like I mentioned, my ankles hurt less than usual, but it doesn't mean it didn't hurt at all. It still hurt, just less. And luckily, I managed to won another 2 retail-size bottles of bone supplement as well, which I duly took alongside with this One A Day and in just less than a week, my ankles practically didn't hurt anymore, no matter how far the distance. And if you would like to know, I recently went to 4 different locations for my samples, freebies and goodies (Samples Received/Redeemed: 4 Mar - 8 Mar 2013), and not a bone-y part in my legs hurt at all.

And don't be surprised that I personally would recommend taking multivitamin supplement as early in your 20s. Just like our skin which loses collagen somewhere in our early 20s, this age range is also a good time to start thinking, choosing and ultimately buying the best multivitamin supplement that promotes bone density a.k.a contains calcium. If you are someone who is allergic or lactose intolerant of all dairy products, you would probably think you are on the losing end of the scale in terms of building up your bones. But, you are just half wrong though. You can mix-and-match multivitamins and multi-mineral supplements that gives you calcium benefit(s). Too early is better than never, I would say.

Just note that multivitamins and multi-mineral supplements are meant as a health boost (depending which ones you are buying for and for what purpose), not to be substituted for actual healthy meals.


WHAT I THINK: Less visible ankle pain after consumption, not bad.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: I previously got this sample when I redeemed my Welcome Gift from CozyCot last October (2012). Despite being a sample sachet, it actually lasted me close to a whole week as I do not need to apply too thick a layer at all. Just a thin layer to help keep in the moisture while keeping my skin moisturized at the same time.

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