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Rachel K Radiance Illuminator [Collagen + Lotus Stem Cell Hydrogel] Mask Review

WHAT IS IT: Rachel K Radiance Illuminator [Collagen + Lotus Stem Cell Hydrogel] Mask


Rachel K Radiance Illuminator [Collagen + Lotus Stem Cell Hydrogel] Mask: Hydrogel masks deliver 11-18% more moisture than traditional skincare sheet masks. Hydrogel melts onto your skin, reacting directly to your skin’s temperature. It effectively locks in moisture, while its Trans-Dermal Technolofy allows hydrating agents to penetrate at level twice greater than other moisturizers. This easy-to-use mask has stem cells extracted from the lotus flower, which promotes the division of skin cells, enhancing the skin’s intrinsic ability to renew itself.

Its gel-like texture contours to your face leaving it soft and hydrated, while refining the fine lines and wrinkles. Its cool and refreshing formula, coupled with powerful bio-cleansing abilities, remove dead skin cells, cleans, refines, and leaves skin smooth and glowing. For normal, oily, or acne-prone skin, its natural extracts work to clear out pores without irritation while its hydrating ingredients deliver oil-free moisture, ensuring that your skin is never over dried and always beautifully vibrant.

The mask itself actually comes in 2 parts, in which 1 part covers the upper part of your face while the other part covers the lower half of your face. It's actually transparent, with a gel-like texture that threatens to tear if I am too rough with it. And the lower part just refused to co-operate and kept sliding off my jaw.

VERDICT: I actually like the scent, it isn't too strong at all as it actually wafts out little by little. It doesn't make you feel nauseous since the scent is just wafting out little by little, you catch the scent on and off, almost like a lingering happy memory. I can't really point my finger as to exactly what the scent reminds me of, but hey, if that's what lotuses are supposed to smell like, then considered me a convinced user of this mask then. Basically, a soft and pleasant scent and I am stashing away the cleaned-up pouch and leaving it in my closet for my clothes to smell like lotuses.

Anyway, I left this mask in the fridge for a few days to "cool" and did I mention I love applying masks when it's decently chilled? It gives this cooling and relaxing sensation on your skin, and you should definitely try leaving your mask or daily moisturizer in the fridge. That cooling sensation really can perk you up and if you are someone who works under the sun the whole day, using a product that has been pre-chilled can actually relaxes your skin. And the result from applying a chilled mask is just bliss. It has this cooling sensation that actually regulates all over my face since the entire mask was left inside the fridge.

And as the mask itself promises to brightens dull skin, tightens pores, controls sebum and calms & soothes. I personally found that the very next day in the morning after using this Rachel K Radiance Illuminator mask, the sebum on my skin doesn't look too out of control at all. And normally, I am expecting a very shiny looking face staring back at me in the mirror during mid-day. So, I am pleasantly surprised to see my face looking just a wee little bit shiny instead of the usual "so-shiny-it-reflects" type of shine. So, for the pore tightening claim, I would say it's effective due to my face not looking like a sebum bomb gone mad.

As for brightening of dull skin, not my entire skin is dull-looking and tired, so I was a little more concerned on the areas under my eyes and my forehead which somehow looks a shade darker to me when I stare at myself in the mirror. As far as I am concerned, I didn't noticed a really big different on my under-eyes and forehead before and after usage. It just brighten these areas up a little bit, not that dramatic, I dare say. So, if it's just plain dull looking skin, it may work. But if it's for really tired skin, I'm afraid I might need more than 1 time usage to see any difference at all.

As for the "calm & soothes" claim, my skin didn't really looked anymore calmed nor soothed at all. In fact, I just didn't see any visible difference that says my skin has been calmed nor soothed at all. And I definitely didn't feel any calm-ness or soothe-ness on ony skin too. But what I did noticed is that before applying the mask to my skin, it felt rather thick, but after application, the mask seemed to became thinner for no reason at all. The gel-like mask isn't really sturdy to say the least, as the lower half is really insistent on sliding off my face, I had to re-adjust it repeatedly and I ended up tearing it easily around the mouth area. So, the lower half of my mask ended up looking like a weird parody of Heath Ledger's Joke make-up instead.

And because the lower part of the mask kept sliding off my face, I ended up having the dubious "honor" of tasting the mask on my lips. Yeah, something's weird going on right here. It tasted just mildly sweet and it wasn't so bad. Although the good part about this mask is that, I found my skin looking a little more hydrated and moisturized than before. But still, I think I would prefer a mask that comes in a big piece instead of 2 separate pieces. As this is definitely the first time I had part of a mask sliding off my face repeatedly. Not just once, twice or thrice. It's repeatedly. Until I simply gave up and just lie down on my bed again to prevent the mask from doing it's slide trick.


WHAT I THINK: A mask that slides off, now I don't feel so bad on the weird factor :/

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: I redeemed this sample from Rachel K Facebook page in August last year (2012). Despite sample redemption for this mask is over, Rachel K Facebook page occassionaly have new samples up for grabs. So, head on over to Rachel K Facebook page at and Like their page as a fan to be notified of samples and giveaways.

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