Friday, April 26, 2013

Bio-Essence Marvel Mask with ATP Review

WHAT IS IT: Bio-Essence Marvel Mask with ATP


Bio-Essence Marvel Mask with ATP: The Only Mask with Tingling Effects to Firm & Whiten Skin instantly. Instantly refined pores, revitalizes skin cells to restore firmness, elasticity and lift facial contours and fades dark spots. Minimizes the appearance of sagging skin, visibly evens out skin tone & refines skin texture and reduces size of pimple. Smoothen fine lines and wrinkles and it is enhanced with ATP to provide cells with energy to reduce signs of aging.

The mask is actually gel-ish and liquid-y, so it spreads easily without too much fuss or trouble. If you have facial hair, take note, it hurts when the hair gets ripped out xD

Once the entire mask dried, it peels off really easily and in one piece. My tip to you is to pull the mask off from the chin/jawline area and lift/pull it upwards. If you start from the forehead, you will be dragging your skin in downward motion and may make your skin saggy despite using this mask.

VERDICT: The scent is actually powdery, so it feels as if you are putting on a layer of powder on your face. As this mask is very liquid-y despite having this gel-like texture, it actually oozes out without warning *shocks* Almost did the mask on my fingers instead of on my face instead. The mask actually spreads really easily without so much fuss nor spill once the mask goes onto the skin. And while the mask is sitting on my face, there were no visible drips either.

And the mask, although smelling powdery, it is actually creamy and since my skin is more towards combination/oily, I am personally glad that it didn't aggravate my existing acne and pimple woes. (Those pesky little devils) And I just love how the mask give my skin a tingling sensation, and I am a sucker for feeling tingling sensations, especially on my face. Woo~ Singapore is actually such a hot and humid country, so any products that gives me that cooling and tingling sensation, I can fall madly in love with it. That cooling and tingling sensation is actually a welcome change in our climate. And get this, I never leave this mask in the fridge. Not sure if it will freeze and harden up, so better not risk it.

And I cannot stress how absurdly happy I am when it's time to peel off the mask. I looked at the underside and was instantly happy like a crazy monkey. First time I can actually see yucky things on the underside of a peel-off mask and it is actually therapeutic to see yucky things on a pore pack or a peel off mask. It means your skin is feeling clean, can breathe through the pores as dirt and grime is lifted off from the pores, making your skin much more able to absorb any other nutrients you are giving it.

I cannot really say how much it whitens my skin, as I am already pale as a ghost on a bad day. However, I love the firm feeling I felt on my face after peeling off the mask. My skin actually felt more supple instead of feeling droopy, especially the chin area. And I love that feeling that I get when I feel my pores are cleaned from impurities. And the lucky part, I guess is that, I have a dying pimple on my face too, the type that is already past the ripen stage. And it didn't aggravate it as well. It somehow cools that existing soon-to-go-away pimple and in less than a day, the redness is gone.


WHAT I THINK: Love that tingling sensation. Bliss~

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: None so far, but I think if you have really sensitive skin, you might want to watch out as it might or could irritate your skin. So, maybe if you have a friend or family who bought this, get them to spare you a decent amount in a re-usable pot and try it first.

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