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ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser [Sponsored] Review

This review is proudly sponsored and brought to you by WishTrend. Any external images, if used, solely belong to their respective owners and not to me. I only re-link and use them as part of this review.

Note that all views presented here are of my own and whether the product is sponsored or not, it's honest throughout. Only that effects will vary on the individual when applied. This post is photo-heavy and features different facial cleanser types with this ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser as well for reference.

WHAT IS IT: ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser


ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser: 360° in and out clean facial! Abundant bubble generated in 360° turning clean pores completely with low stimulus and removes unnecessary keratin so as to maintain neat and clean skin tone. Left and Right turn method enables reverse textural facial wash and texturial facial wash so that cleansing is available to the fine and curved area of the skin without skin damage.

This ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser actually comes with a pamphlet in at least 5 different languages, mainly: Korean, English, Japanese, Mandarin & Thai. And I personally feel that it is a generous touch, as people all around the globe generally tend to want to use good products especially when it concerns the skin. So, having a pamphlet in these 5 different languages ensures that almost everyone can understand the instructions and usage.

No doubt I am rocking the instructions in English, and the instructions are so easy to understand, complete with illustrations as graphic demonstration.

Each ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser actually comes with 2 AA batteries and get this, they do not charge you for the batteries. And I kind of understand the inclusion of the batteries too. You make a purchase and keep wondering when the postman will show up with your precious ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser, and along the way, you will more or less forgot all about the batteries. Hence, WishTrend includes the AA batteries so that you can start using it as soon as the PostMan delivers it. Aww~ that's so sweet and thoughtful ❤❤❤

A close-up look at the ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser itself. Note that there's only 2 buttons and despite looking a little on the "less button = less functional" side. It's actually easier to use with lesser functions. Who needs an ON button, an OFF button, followed by a Spin Left button and a Spin Right button, and so on and so forth? Good products should come as simple as it is, so that the user won't feel that it is a complicated process before even getting to use it for the first time.

And another look at the silicon pad underneath this ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser ensures that your spin cleanser doesn't slip off any wet surface and taking an unneeded plunge to it's death from table-top to the floor. Even if we are really really careful, there will be unexpected moments when accidents happen due to splashes instead of elbow-induced. So, it's really nice of WishTrend to think up of the silicon pad for anti-skid purposes. And besides, my stuffs just loves to skid around when it thinks I am not looking :/

And the bristles, it's just so soft and gentle, it feels like touching a teddy bear. No, I'm not joking at all, the bristles are really gentle to the touch. Back during the early 1990s, I've had the unfortunate experience of buying something similar from the now-defunt One99 shop, for the low price of S$1.99 and the bristles were so hard and rough, I ended up using it only a few times before dumping it aside and promptly forgetting it's existence. However, with this ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser, I practically end up wanting to use it more on my face than usual, even though my facial cleansing regime is strictly adhered to only twice a day. Yes, it's so gentle that it feels like a facial massage while my skin is being cleansed.

And the cleaner brush is actually detachable too, and this means that you can even use the cleaner brush on itself if you decided to use a facial exfoliator manually and feel that the spin cleanser itself might be a little too harsh. And at the same time, this also meant that I can pop it under the tap and wash the cleaner brush thoroughly clean of facial cleanser and cleanser suds too. All without having to fear that I might accidentally splash water into the machine inside the spin cleanser. Phew!

And here's where you pop in your AA batteries. Just pull off the silicon pad, pluck off the bottom lid and you can insert or remove your AA batteries. And obviously, I misread the +/- instructions a little off and inserted the batteries wrongly ^^; Took a few tries before I realized I plonk in the batteries wrong and I thought I had damaged it before using it for the very first time D:

The top button actually doubles up as the ON switch as well. And as you can see here, the green light meant that it's on a lower spin cycle and more suitable for someone who have sensitive skin and cannot afford to rub too hard on their skin. Heck, you might probably be able to use this on a baby too and the baby will probably think he/she is being tickled lol

And if you press the top button a.k.a ON switch once more, it will switch to red light. And red light is generally best used on normal, combination and oily skin to ensure that surface dirt and grime are better removed from the surface of our skin. And whether the spin cycle is on the lower or higher frequency, I would still like to stress that it is still just as gentle on the skin too. It's like what I've mentioned, facial massaging and facial cleansing all rolled into one.

Note that the bottom button is for you to rotate the cleaner brush clockwise and counter-clockwise for that full facial massaging effect. Bliss~

And I even purposely saved up my T-Zone Exfoliating Wash to give it a try. Despite the Exfoliating Wash having really small microbeads in it, I find that cleaning of the cleaner brush is just as fuss-free and doesn't even leave any microbead residue within the cleaner brush. Simply because the bristles are really soft and gentle, making cleaning it so easy and painless.

Here's a look at how the ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser looks like when being used. It really generates suds and the gentle spinning doesn't even make my grouchy skin irritated at all. It's almost akin to going for a facial spa and massaging, but all in the comfort of my own house. And I almost kept the spin cleanser spinning away because I wanted to see more suds showing up :D

See how the top of the cleaner brush is full of suds? It really really generates loads of bubbles and I just love bubbles :D

VERDICT: Initially, when I first saw this ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser from WishTrend, I thought that the bristles would be those hard and rough types, only difference is that it won't spin that fast so my skin won't be hurt or irritated. But I was so wrong with my initial perception, as this ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser is the bomb and to die for. All it needs is just 2 AA batteries and it's good to go forth and bring you on a facial cleansing adventure that is so remarkably gentle with a massaging feeling, complete with 60,000 bristles that aren't harsh on your skin at all.

And I also noticed that I do not need to wet the cleaner brush too much at all, as long as I've splashed water on my face, I'm good. A general rule of advice, start on either side of your cheeks first as my facial cleanser promptly dive-bomb/spill away from the cleaner brush when I attempted to start on my forehead first. In other words, you need to first sud it up with the ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser before moving the spin cleanser to your forehead. Besides, almost everyone starts with the cheeks first when they are manually cleansing their face, so, I think it doesn't make sense when I aim for my forehead first and don't ask why either. Manually, I start from my cheeks. Battery operated, I always head for the forehead LOL

And despite the spin cleanser looking like it's well acquainted in your bathroom, it's actually portable enough to bring along on a short holiday and the length starts from the tip of my finger all the way to the bottom of my palm. It doesn't take up too much space at all, just roughly the same size and weight as your android or iPhone. The only reason why it feels and looks bulky and heavy, is due to the box it came in. And you cannot expect WishTrend to just randomly dump it in an empty box and mail it out to you either, don't you? They took the trouble to ensure your very own ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser comes fit and snug in it's own pretty box, that I personally can't help but keep admiring to a fanatical level.

Talking about bristles, I've mentioned that it has 60,000 bristles, didn't I? The bristles on the cleaner brush is actually rounded, instead of traditional straight-edged. Despite my backward thinking in the early 1990s that straight-edged is better, it hurts my skin just as much. However, with this ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser and it's rounded bristles, it actually cleanses really gently, and reaches into pores easily, ensuring that sebum, dirt and dead skin cells are removed without so much fuss and pain at all.

And prior to using ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser for the first time, I normally do my usual facial cleansing regime either manually with my fingers or those face cleansing brush that can be bought from Daiso. And most times, the surface of my skin feels and looks clean, however, I always doubt that my pores are thoroughly cleansed along the way. And no matter how small microbeads can get in exfoliating facial cleansers, another issue arises without warning. What if the microbeads are so small that it gets stuck in your pore(s), one bead in one pore specifically and you never ever know cos it's too small to be seen with the naked eye?

However, with this ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser, I need not have to worry no more. No matter how small those microbeads are going to get, it will still get flushed out by the 360° rotating cleaner brush. And my nose, the bane of my daily procrastination that I love and hate all at the same time looks so much cleaner now that I've started using this ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser. Prior to usage, my nose actually do look pretty decent since I spend a longer amount of time on my nose cleaning just to make sure that the pores on my nose are cleaned as thoroughly as I possibly can. Hence, my nose looks like it never had any blackhead issue at all. But close up, you can actually see it pretty clear. But after using this spin cleanser, I actually used my blackhead extractor less and less often and blackheads are significantly reduced.


WHAT I THINK: Although it's gentle, it is actually a heavy duty facial cleanser that neithers damage nor hurt or irritate your skin at all. Makes me wonder why I had gotten the One99 version in the first place?

WHERE TO BUY: ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser can be bought from WishTrend for the affordable price of US$71.80, due to the weak USD against Singapore dollars conversion rate recently. But before you happily fork out that US$70+, hear me out first!!

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ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser Cleanser Test

Don't believe that you can use your ElishaCoy 3D Spin Cleanser on other different types of facial cleanser? Don't worry, here's a test run on 4 different types of facial cleansers I have at the moment. And it works perfectly, if you need to use specific cleansers for your skin type :D

T-Zone Exfoliating Daily Wash:

Garnier Pure Active Fruity Energy Daily Energising Gel Wash:

Tsaio Acne Cleansing Foam:

Kitoko Kalani Grapefruit Purifying Cleanser:


  1. I have a cleansing brush like this that I love, but it was more expensive. Thanks for sharing about this spin cleanser--love that you said the brush was like touching a teddy bear ^_^ Great review!

    1. @ Xlovehappyx:

      Thank you and I am glad my review can help in your decision with the assorted battery operated facial cleansers out on the market :)


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