Friday, April 12, 2013

Mizon Body Shaping Program Active Slim Body Cool Wash Review

WHAT IS IT: Mizon Body Shaping Program Active Slim Body Cool Wash


Mizon Body Shaping Program Active Slim Body Cool Wash: Menthol decreases body temperature during shower, and cooling texture disassembles lipid. Rich bubbles absorb tiny dead skin cells fast while the rich moisture tightens the skin. Protects skin from the harmful effects of the environment.

Initially, I thought there were little exfoliating beads in it. Which meant I cannot use my shower fluff (Yeah, I call mine "fluff" cos it sounds more "nobel" for my poor over-abused shower puff). Turns out, I can still use my "fluff", the suds were actually generous when used alongside with my "fluff", and the scent was actually not that light as I thought, a perfect wake-me-up and it really is cooling on the skin.

VERDICT: First of all, let's take a look.. or rather let's talk about the scent. Despite trying to sniff at it with my usual vigorous gungho attitude, I found that the scent was a little faint. Not too strong, as too overpowering scents of menthol and/or mint could actually put off people from using it. Strong menthol/mint scent can actually be a little too intense on the nose for some of us, although on a personal level, I like my menthol and mint scent a little on the strong side. Because to me, it's like a wake-me-up scent in the morning when my mind refused to co-operate with my already awake body. Like my personal wacky quote, "The body is willing, the mind cannot be bothered."

As I personally adore exploring new shower gels, especially the ones that contains menthol or mint. We all know that menthol/mint scent typically tend to get a little "strong", which actually is a perfect shower gel to wake up your mind in the morning. Despite the scent being "strong" like I said, I find that it doesn't keep lingering on and making you feel nauseous at all. As soon as the shower gel gets lathered up and turned into sud(s) completely, the scent actually went down a notch. It sort of teases your nose once-in-a-while, while at the same time, you will definitely find yourself perking up and being a little more alert.

What I like is that, it actually gives this very intense but comfortable cooling and tingling sensation while I lather up the shower gel. And I have to admit, it's been quite a hassle lately, trying to find that perfect shower gel that actually promises, not only on the packaging, but also when used. So, imagine my surprise when this little unassuming tube of shower gel promised to decrease body temperature and literally does that in the shower. Which I luckily found out when using this for the first time on a hot and sunny afternoon. The heat was just too much for me to bear, but this shower gel did the "body cooling" trick for me, instead of having to wander around aimlessly under the ceiling fan.

And to reiterate this little fact about the skin on our body, the skin around our neck area tend to be thinner than the rest of the body, hence, you will feel that cooling and tingling sensation right on the neck area first. And that is exactly the spot where the much needed cooling feeling I wanted took place. My body temperature instantly decreases just like that, as compared to how it usually take longer by just standing in front of an electric fan or the air-conditioner, for instance.

And I feel that this is particular a good and useful body wash if you've had a tiring day and the last thing you want to do is climb into bed as soon as you reached home. But yet you couldn't, because you are hot, sweaty and smelly. However, if you don't mind not washing your hair for an extra day, just use this shower gel and you will step out of the bathroom feeling all fresh, clean and cooling and can climb into bed immediately and at the same time, managed to snooze comfortably for the entire night. This beats better than switching on the air-conditioner and it ends up getting too cold for comfort.


WHAT I THINK: I wish I need not step out of the bathroom ever, after using this body wash. I love the intense and cooling sensation. A lot.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: I got to redeemed this retail-sized bottle last November (2012). Let's just say it was a nerve-wrecking moment as the staffs at Venus Beauty AMK were a little too blur. Detailed explaining didn't seem to work on them, and it was only until I got home and feedback to Venus Beauty FB page that I knew my method was right. Anyways, the redemption period for this shower gel is over. But do not worry, as Venus Beauty is always constantly rewarding their fans almost on a monthly basis.

Go over to Venus Beauty Facebook page at, Like their page as a fan in order to be notified and updated of upcoming contests, giveaways and promotions. Don't miss it as they've recently had a random draw for a certain amount of lucky fans to receive their free retail-sized tube of Jimmy'z Skin Care Oil-Control Cleansing Foam. I was one of the lucky few, so I can assure you that Venus Beauty is not a hoax :)

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