Sunday, July 29, 2012

TBS NatruLift Refreshing Eye Roll-On Review

WHAT IS IT: TBS NatruLift Refreshing Eye Roll-On


NatruLift Refreshing Eye Roll-On: A refreshing roll-on to brighten, firm and soften the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes.



VERDICT: This product comes in the shape of a pen, which actually lets you carry it all around with you wherever you are. Technically idiot-proof, it is spill-free and fuss-free through and through. And because it comes with a metal roller ball, it is practically impossible to over-administer on your eye bags.

Personally, I would say it's consistency is like watery-based serum and depending on how much you apply, it takes as little as 5 minutes for it to be totally absorbed into your skin.

However, if you are someone with very dry skin, do expect a slight tingling and burning sensation when you apply it underneath your eyes. Since I have oily/problematic skin, it just feels cool when I rolled it on my eyebags.

If you are someone with dark circles, puffy eye bags and fine lines, this is defintiely an effective product to consider. Previously, I had really visible eye bags and it really looks puffy to the point where I thought I am capable of storing mini curry-puffs in there.

But after a few weeks of using NatruLift Refreshing Eye Roll-On, I noticed my eyebags aren't so puffy anymore. As I tend to sweat in the daytime due to the hot weather in Singapore, I normally apply this after I shower so it can be absorbed into my skin faster. And once more in the evening as well.

For some of us, we might be able to see the benefits as fast as under 3 weeks while some may need a little more than 3 weeks to see the effects of it. As with the same as any facial/eye products, you need to keep using it long-term in order to know whether it works or not.


WHAT I THINK: Puff, Puff and away~

WHERE TO REDEEM A SAMPLE: So far there is no sample that I am aware of that you can bring home to try. However, do drop by any The Body Shop outlet where you can test this product with their sample in-store. If you are a little queasy about rolling this on your eyebags with a sample product, try using this on the back of your hand to determine the consistency and how fast it absorbs into your skin.


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