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The Body Shop Beautifying Oil(s) Review

WHAT IS IT: TBS Beautifying Oil(s)


The Body Shop Beautifying Oil: Dry oil for body, face and hair, moisturises, smoothes & illuminates .A multi-purpose oil which can be used for body, hair, and face. Instantly banish dryness and restores softness, without the sticky and greasy feel.

VERDICT: As stated on the website and re-affirmed by TBS' staffs at the usual TBS outlet I always patronise with my mother:

Beautifying Oil is pure beauty in a bottle. Made with a lightweight blend of nut oils including Community Fair Trade marula oil, kukui nut, and sweet almond oil, and it gives instant hydration and a shimmering finish.


Marula oil comes from the ripened fruit of the marula tree which is native to many parts of central and southern Africa. The women of the cooperative extract the kernels from ripe marula fruits by hand, then cold-press the kernels at their factory to extract the marula oil inside.


The ancient Hawaiians realized that the kukui nut oil was a perfect moisturizer for their skin. The oil forms a semipermeable barrier on dry skin to prevent further damage and allow the body to heal itself naturally underneath the oil. The nuts were also cooked and chopped and used for flavoring foods.


Sweet Almond Oil provides essential fatty acids that help to repair skin's moisture barrier, thus helping to restore moisture, smoothness and suppleness. Almonds contain monosaturated fat, healthier type of fat which may be useful to lower blood pressure.


Technically speaking, Olive and Shea are too rich for my skin and I really cannot imagine acne problems on other parts of my body other than my face. So naturally, I went for the Strawberry Beautifying Oil instead. Upon the first sniff at the TBS outlet, I noticed that that Strawberry version seems scent-less. But it was only after trying some on and I realized our own body heat slowly released the wonderful and sweet scent of Strawberry.

After application, the beautifying oil is quickly absorbed into my skin, giving it a soft, hydrated, supple and dewy look and it doesn't even feel oily despite hours after application. The "Illuminate" part doesn't make you look like you're a walking sebum bomb too, it just gives your skin a light and healthy sheen to it.

Despite the bottle's small opening, you can still control how much oil you dispense out to use. Also, another genius way to avoid unwanted accident spills if you accidentally drop the entire bottle.

For Usage on Face: Pour out a few drops and gently rubbed into your face in circular motions to let it absorb completely before you go to sleep. If you intend to use this in the morning, apply it on after you moisturize your face and before applying makeup to ensure that the oil hydrates your skin first.

For Usage on Hair: Pour out a few drops (just a few, too much and your hair will go limp like mee-poh noodles), distribute thoroughly between your palms and apply liberally to the driest part of your hair, example, split ends. DO NOT apply to your scalp whether you have oily scalp in the first place.

Unlike what other users may claim about applying from scalp to ends, it is NOT the way to do it. You need it to moisturize your hair, not the scalp as our scalp already produces sebum. If you apply to your scalp, be prepared to walk around with limp and flat hair for the rest of the day.

And it has already been stated on the bottle itself, it's for Body, Face & Hair. Not Body, Face & Scalp. So, DO NOT, NEVER EVER, apply to your scalp. Use this beautifying oil the same way as you would use a conditioner in the shower.

For Usage on Body: Pour out a few drops for each part of your body that you feel needs to be moisturised with the Beautifying Oil. Again, discretion is advised. You are to use this oil to moisturize, not drown your skin with it. Start with 2-3 drops per body part to allow easier and faster absorption.

Why you shouldn't apply any products on your scalp: Just because experts say not to neglect your scalp by using a shampoo that is made specifically for your scalp type meant you should apply any other products on your scalp. Why? Too much residue on your scalp can cause dandruff, sensitivity and even hair loss. Apply them only on hair ends, especially on split ends. If you have long hair, apply them to the last 15cm of your hair.

As quoted by Xiaxue on her blog post:

Qns: Why does the last 15cm need more care then?

Ans no. 1: Your hair ends are senior citizens!

Hair grows at 1.25cm per month, which means it takes 1 year to grow a full 15cm!!

So imagine if you have shoulder-length hair, your hair ends should be about 2 years older than your roots.

Come on, even Xiaxue knows that. So, if you come across someone who insists on you applying products on your scalp other than shampoo, then here's 1 fact you need to know. Congratulations on getting dandruff, sensitive scalp and possibly hair loss in your early year despite that fact that you used to have long and beautiful luscious long hair. You can google on topics why you shouldn't apply anything else on your scalp, with the exception of shampoo and other products that are deemed safe to do so.

This blog owner has tried and tested her long hair previously and is pleased to inform you that what she tells you is from her own personal experience and almost all 99.99% of information here is just to give you a further insight on what you should and what you shouldn't do and it's ultimately for your own good. Not to sabotage you, but to help you along the way.


WHAT I THINK: A little goes a long way.

WHERE TO REDEEM A SAMPLE: There isn't any sample sachets to try out. Instead, just head on over to any The Body Shop outlets in Singapore and give their Beautifying Oils a try on the spot from their sample bottles. Some beautifying oils may not give off any scent even though the bottle comes labeled with, say, for example, Strawberry.

Do not fret too much either. Certain oils need contact with our body heat before the fragrance is released. Therefore, if Strawberry Beautifying Oil seems scent-less when you sniff it, just apply a few drops on your fore-arm thoroughly and take a whiff out of your forearm again. You will be able to smell the sweet Strawberry scent.

And each wonderful bottle cost(s) only S$22.90. If you have The Body Shop Rewards Card, you will get a 10% discount per bottle bought, making it an affordable S$20.61 only for a good 8 hour moisturized skin.


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