Monday, July 30, 2012

Samples in the Mail from last week~

Has been quite a (somewhat) gratifying last week, I love weekdays right up till Saturday. That means the postman is out delivering letters cos the post offices are opened. And I cannot wait for the new day where I opened up my mailbox to see if my goodies and samples have arrived.

Here's a recap from last week's mailbox and links on where to redeem your samples:

No indication on where it was from, except for the word FRAGILE stamped on the envelope.

*.* Bubble-wrapped samples, don't you just love it when your sample comes bubble-wrapped?

Comes in a little booklet.

Open Sesame~

LipIce Sheer Color goes on clear, then changes to a subtle pink that enhances the natural beauty of your lips. Keeps your lips soft & healthy looking. Contains gentle beeswax.


Click on the FREE Sample! link

Says Walter Agency, for a moment, I thought it was from ChuangYi Publishing...

Snug and fit in it's own little plastic bag

Comes with a instructional booklet and free plastic gloves so you do not stain your hands

NaturaSync Onyx Black™ is developed with the latest technology, using the essences of Chinese herbs. Free of lead and ammonia, this remedy reduces skin irritation, allergies and scalp damage. Onyx Black™ is gentle on the scalp and it restores your hair’s colour, lustrous shine and smoothness, resulting in a lasting effect with its unique formula. With just the simple act of shampooing your hair, Onyx Black™ works whether you are suffering from white hair, partial white hair or grey hair, giving you a head of smooth and beautiful black hair.

Fill in the survey including your snail-mail address to receive a sample.

Again, no indication. Only way to find out and be surprised is to open up

Booklet informing consumers what other products Organix has under their belt

Cherry Blossom Ginseng & Moroccan Argan Oil samples

Click on FREE SAMPLES link

Mother: Why PUB send you letter?
Me: I'm BFFs with PUB :-D
Mother: ........

Booklet form too, but you can feel the bulge in it

6 little buttons, staring at my face. 6 little buttons, staring..

Oh, a little carried away here. These are water saving kits from PUB Singapore, a set of thimbles with three and four holes allows residents to have greater flexibility in regulating their tap’s and showerhead’s flow rates.

Water Wally stickers. If you ask me, I would prefer Water Wally plushie to be squeezed into that envelope and mailed to me, Water Wally plushie would have a nice and loving room


When the page finished loading, just scroll down and fill in the form. I requested for three since I have quite a few taps at home. Rest, I "spread" it to my close relatives.

DJ Rozz as the covergirl of SilkPro Singapore

Comes with 3 samples of:

  • Hair Fall Control x 1
  • Oil Control x 1
  • Treatment Conditioner x 1

My samples came looking a little "greasy". Ack!

Supposed to have Free Sample link, but samples might have been fully redeemed. You can Like SilkPro Singapore'a Facebook page to be informed of their next sample giveaway.

(But judging from the samples I received, I'm probably glad it's over. Nobody wants "greasy" samples in the mail..)


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