Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Natural Pack (Charcoal Mask) Review

WHAT IS IT: Natural Pack (Charcoal Mask)


Natural Pack (Charcoal Mask): Formulated with the natural ingredients from Oak trees, it removes oils and all dirt and deeply clean the pore, leaving your skin clearer with less visible pores.

I squeezed out a generous amount on the back of my hand, partly for reviewing purposes.

Do not be greedy and squeezed out too much or it will take even longer to dry out and it may not come off in 1 piece.

VERDICT: First of all, the smell isn't anywhere close to the smell of real charcoal at all, believe me, I really poked around my kitchen for a real charcoal to sniff... The scent isn't near Talcum powder level, in fact, there is not talcum powder scent at all since I am allergic to talcum powder and a little whiff gives me asthma whether I sniff it intentionally or accidentally. But then, it doesn't smell like flowers and peaches either. Let's just say, the scent of it is rather pleasant despite the product looking black and grimy.

The consistency of this Charcoal peeling mask is watery enough to spread over my face evenly and at the very same time, it is definitely thick enough to cling to the skin of my face without dripping off at all. As with all other similar types of peeling mask(s), this is best applied in a circular motion. However, if you think you overspread on a particular area, just smooth/glide the excess to a clean area if you don't like to waste.

My normal standard time of waiting for peeling masks is an extra 5 minutes despite the instructions of say 10-15 minutes. Singapore is just too humid in the first place where facial instructions are concerned. Once dried, I started peeling the mask from the forehead area, downwards towards my chin. It peeled off easily and the inside of the peeling mask "showcased" my very fine facial hair that I can probably make do without, a thin layer of dead skin cells I do not want to keep and some extra blackheads that I missed during my twice weekly nose-pore cleaning activities.

My face doesn't feel overly dry, in fact, it feels smooth like a baby's bottom. It's gentle enough to peel off, this is one fact you cannot deny. Even if you are someone with sensitive skin that might hurt easily, this one's good for keeps (remember to use, don't just keep it and admire).

As quoted from an eHow article:


WHAT I THINK: Like a baby's bottom~

WHERE TO REDEEM A SAMPLE: So far, there's no samples for this Natural Pack Charcoal Mask, especially from Daiso. However, this product is definitely worth your S$2.00 worth. I assure you, my dear readers. You can get this product from almost every Daiso outlets in Singapore for a low and affordable price of S$2.00 only.


  1. Does this cause breakouts or any side effects?

    Belle Epoque

    1. @ Lia:

      Personally for me, I didn't encounter any breakouts from using this product. On the contrary, the areas of my face which I have applied this product to ended up looking so much cleaner and clearer than compared to the hairline area which I purposely chose not to apply onto :)


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