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Sunplay Superblock SPF130 PA+++ Review

WHAT IS IT: Sunplay Superblock SPF130 PA+++


White and watery with a pleasant smell.

Sunplay Superblock SPF130 PA+++: Sunplay Super Block SPF130 PA+++ offers Maximum Outdoor Protection for long hours sports and outdoor activities. It not only has the highest SPF for maximum protection, providing protection against UVA and UVB rays throughout the day, it is also made with Japan’s innovative Watery Liquid Formulation.

  • Provides superior photo stable protection against UVA & UVB
  • RonaCare Ectoin & Antileukine 6, two anti-aging ingredients helps reduce fine lines & wrinkles
  • Hyaluronic Acid effectively hydrates and locks-in moisture on skin
  • Highest SPF 130 PA+++ for broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection
  • Japan "Watery Liquid" formulation is ultra-light, non greasy and smooth on skin
  • Super water & sweat proof, ideal for long hours water and outdoor activities
  • Non-comedogenic (does not clog pores)
  • Free from colorants. Low irritation.


SUNPLAY with New Patented Solarex-3 Technology
Fights 3 Signs of Sun Damage

Sunplay, the no.1* sunscreen brand in Japan, has launched its new Sunplay range with a patented, improved sun care technology, SOLAREX-3. It fights 3 Signs of Sun Damage, so you can play long hours under the sun carefree!

Source: Mentholatum | Singapore | Sunplay

Still not convinced? Read on:

Ultraviolet (UV) light is found in sunlight, filters through the atmosphere and penetrates your skin's outer layers. The two types - UVA and UVB - affect skin in different ways.

First up, UVA: Think "A for Ageing". The effects are not immediately visible, but in time, the damage will emerge as freckles, pigmentation and wrinkles. As well as being a catalyst for ageing, UVA reaches the skin's deepest layers. damaging the cell structures and causing mutations in the DNA.

For UVB, think "B for Burning". UVB will burn, blister and can increase the likelihood of developing skin cancer. To protect yourself from both, ensure your sunscreens have both chemical and physical filters.

Chemical filters (like avobenzone and mexoryl SX and XL) have to be applied 20 to 30 minutes before exposure and neutralise UV light through a chemical process when it hits the skin. Physical filters (like titaniuim dioxide and zinc oxide) might be slightly thicker and more visible on the skin as they sit on the surface as a physical block, but they work by instantly reflecting UV light away from your skin ensuring nothing gets through.

Source: ELLE Beauty BOOK 2012 (July Issue)

VERDICT: When I first know about this wonderful little thing called "Suntan Lotion", it was one of those days while I was still small and my parents took me to St. John's Island for our once-a-month Sunday family day event.

Back during the 1980s and 1990s, our version of "sun block lotion" and the likes were mainly "Coppertone". And as kids, most of us who didn't know the benefits of "suntan" or "sunblock" lotions thought it smelled and adults forcibly applied it on us partly because with these lotions, the sun wouldn't hurt us too much.

Fast forward to 2012 now. Suntan and Sunblock lotions have long undergone new transformation. Gone are the days when suntan and sunblock used to be somewhat stinky and oily despite hours after application. One such example is Sunplay's Superblock SPF130 PA+++ which now comes in Superblock version for application on our face and SuperMist version for place on our body we cannot get access to.

For Superblock, you just need to shake the bottle, à la liquid paper in the 1990s before you use them. When I poured out a little, (poured, no more squeezing), it was watery and white and the smell wasn't that horrifying enough to evoke memories of being forcibly. In fact, the smell was surprisingly pleasant enough that I literally had to control myself not to go overboard with this product.

When applied on my face, it doesn't feel greasy and it is so easy to apply. And I thought I went a few shades paler after application ^^ Despite being in the sun for just a little over 1 hour and possibly with some sweating included, this wonderful little product didn't make my face feel oily and most of all, it did not clogged my pores at all. And it does live up to it's promise as being "sweat-proof" since wiping my sweat with tissue paper(s) didn't leave a white residue on the tissue itself.

And since this little bottle boasts a high SPF of 130, this means that my skin gets protected for an even longer time while under the sun. Easy application and fast absorption meant that you can play even more while underneath the scorching Singapore sun. Let's face it, the weather in Singapore is the equivalent of having intense summer all year round with the few exceptions of a few rainy days here and there.

Our life is even more hectice and we sometimes have to constantly protect our face not just from environment bacteria, but also that big old Sun high up in the sky. Makes you feel like a little French-Fry being kept hot and warm, huh?


WHAT I THINK: Do you have a sunburn, or are you always this hot (and possibly sweaty and stinky)?

WHERE TO REDEEM A SAMPLE: Still not convinced that sun block lotions should be a part of your daily facial and body protection ritual? Go grab a sample bottle via's Facebook page at

Click on the link under Like and Message button that says "Free Super Sunplay Block SPF".


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