Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sample Collection Day

So as I have previously mentioned on my CozyCot Journey post, I forgot to check my email for the redemption I got on CozyCot's website. So, I hunt down another few more samples/freebies that I can find so I can make this 2nd CozyCot trip even more worthwhile.

1st Stop: DFS Galleria Scottswalk
I headed down to DFS Galleria Scottswalk as my first stop to pick up my 1st sample of the day. I thought it would be just 1 or 2 satchets worth of samples. Imagine my surprise when the lady at the counter told me there's 7 satchets' worth inside. She was really nice, sweet and friendly and proceeded to make conversation with me. Almost like we were actually old friends lol

It's an awesome and classy envelope.

Woo.. Samples ❤

Estée Lauder Advance Night Repair x 7 sample satchets in there ❤❤❤❤❤ *dies from happiness*

WHERE TO REDEEM A SAMPLE: Go to, watch the video that is showing on the page. Next, answer a short question (the answer is 4 weeks) and fill in your particulars. You will receive a redemption email, print it out and bring it to any Estée Lauder counters stated in the redemption email. Falala~

2nd Stop: CozyCot Retail Store
Next, I hiked down to Orchard Central and headed straight up to CozyCot's retail outlet for my next set of samples. I bagged a total of 10 samples altoegther. Therefore, it'll be a while before I can finish using and reviewing them on this blog, but be patient with me. I assure you it will be well worth the wait.

Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion Sample x 2, The Face Shop Arsainte Ecotheraphy Vitalist Serum Sample x 1, Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Ex Sample x 2, Organia Relaxing Olive Body Essence Lotion Sample x 1

CappaRoma Low Fat Coffee Mix x 1 sample. It comes in 25% less sugar, 50% less sugar, Regular and a cute little pouch

Ichikami Shampoo & Conditioner x 1 sample. Comes with shampoo satchet and conditioner satchet

Kiehl's Deep Wrinkle Filler x 1 sample tube, which I promptly hand over to my Mother. This should probably be the daily redeemable sample since the sweet girl in CozyCot's retail outlet has seen me twice in there

b.liv Facial Mask Sample x 2. Dullness Cessation Mask and Age Dismission Mask

WHERE TO REDEEM A SAMPLE: I got these samples free by doing the Quest / Coin Reward program as mentioned on my CozyCot Journey blog post. Have fun doing this as it takes less than 4 hours to complete most of it. You might want to accumulate the points first before deciding which reward(s) you want to redeem.

3rd Stop: 313 Somerset
The Pharmacist in there only starts work at 12 noon, so I had to go to Orchard Central first before heading back to 313 Somerset again.

AHA Facial Wash For Oily & Acne Prone Skin x 1 small sample bottle.

It was a fulfilling morning at Orchard as I round up all my beloved samples. Now, I just need to check, re-check and then re-check to see if my fund transfer to The Sample Store is verified yet. Else, I can't get my free samples.

WHERE TO REDEEM A SAMPLE: If you want to give this product a try, you can grab a sample bittle via Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula (TDF)'s Facebook page at

Click on the link under Like and Message button that says "Grab Free Sample".


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