Friday, January 4, 2013

Sunstar Tonic Shampoo Energy Menthol Review

WHAT IS IT: Sunstar Tonic Shampoo Energy Menthol


Sunstar Tonic Shampoo Energy Menthol: Menthol formulated shampoo which unclogs stubborn sebum & smooths hair.

This shampoo is actually clear/transparent in terms of color, and as soon as I cut opened a little corner, the strong menthol scent began wafting out. Admittedly, I really like hair products that has a strong menthol/minty smell as it means my scalp will be feeling cool and tingly after application/usage.

VERDICT: So, as soon as I cut opened a small little corner of the sample sachet, this very strong menthol scent began wafting out. And I have to admit, I was thrilled to encounter such a strong menthol/minty scent from a shampoo. And this can only mean that it is going to be a good or at least effective product that needs attention diverted to it. The color of this shampoo is actually clear/transparent, pretty much like the SilkPro Hair Fall Control shampoo except this Sunstar Tonic one is actually much more effective than it looks.

It actually suds pretty well and at the same time, washes off pretty easily too. Most shampoos I've previously used before suds decently too, but when the time comes to wash it off, I end up holding the shower head high above my head while I stand almost motionless like those confused zombies in typical zombie movie. (A showering zombie, anyone?) And because I had used hair conditioner the day before, so I cannot really judge nor gauge if it made my feel a little smoother or not. But what I am sure is that my hair didn't feel tangled at all after using this shampoo sample.

And by now, I am confidently sure that most of you, my beautiful readers, are aware of my on and off dandruff problems. We all know how dandruff can do to us. Besides those yucky white little unwanted snowflake-like stuffs that drops from our scalp and hair onto our clothes, the other issue is the constant scalp/head scratching that is almost consistent and non-stop. And from the time my hair dried last night until now, I did not scratch my scalp/head a single time. Nope! No scratching involved for that many hours.

And remember how I reviewed the Organix Hydrating Tea Tree Mint Shampoo previously, where I mentioned there was a wonderful and uplifting but slightly faint/tamed scent of Mint and Tea Tree Oil but yet didn't make my scalp feel thoroughly cleaned? This Sunstar Tonic shampoo begs to differ in so many ways. And with the Organix memory not that far off, I was actually prepared not to feel any cooling and tingling sensation after lathering into my hair. And while the shampoo was sitting on my wet hair, I took the chance to wash my face too. And before I can even get the suds off my face, I was already starting to feel the cooling and tingling sensation I was eagerly expecting.

And my entire scalp and hair felt clean and refreshed. The cooling and tingling sensation actually lasted long enough on my scalp until my hair was almost 80% dry to the touch. And with the ceiling fan whirring above my head, that cooling and tingling sensation was actually intensified a little and felt marvelous throughout the time I was waiting for my hair to finally dry. And as usual, I was also waiting for the itchy scalp part, which fortunately never happened at all. It was utter bliss not to have my scalp feel itchy and my hair slightly greasy for almost a full 12 hours.


WHAT I THINK: Itch-free scalp? I'm sold and in love already~

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: I previously redeemed the samples from Sunstar Tonic Facebook page at around 22 August. But the sample exercise is now over. However, stay tuned to Sunstar Tonic Facebook page for future sample exercise.

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