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Danahan EcoPure Moisture Fore Essential Toner [ Part 1 ] Review

WHAT IS IT: EcoPure Moisture Fore Essential Toner


EcoPure Moisture Fore Essential Toner: Danahan Ecopure line is a nature friendly skin care brand. Organic ingredients such as pine needles, lavender, aloe provide for your skin nutrition and moisture. No paraben, no alcohol, no artificial pigment, no benzophenone, no mineral oil !! Shake the bottle before using Danahan Ecopure Moisture Essential Toner to mix pine needle water with organic anato oil.

Initially, I thought there was a layer of some sort of oil in the toner, due to the oily yellowish layer in it. Turns out, that layer of so-called oil is actually organic anato oil and not some weird oil at all. The scent is actually pleasant and it doesn't linger on necessarily after applying on your face.

VERDICT: The scent, yes, the scent! Despite that layer of filmy oil-like substance, the scent is actually really pleasant, with a little hint of sweetness in it. Despite the packaging instructions stating that it's pine needle water and organic anato oil, it doesn't smell anything wood or forest or even jungle related. It's just a sweet and pleasant scent that actually doesn't bother on being cloying at all. And the scent doesn't linger on unnecessarily after application on the face too.

Once the bottle has been mixed/shaked thoroughly, the organic anato oil is mixed thoroughly with the pine needle water. Which temporarily makes it look like almost any clear toner that you can see on the market. In fact, there are certain types of organic oil that actually does wonder on our skin too. Although I'd personally best recommend applying organic oil on your face at least 30 minutes before bedtime, as our skin absorbs products better at night. And since moisture escapes our skin at night, then it is definitely important to apply moisturizers or organic oil at night, don't you think so?

Although this product might somehow seems to be not working for me at all, granted that I am lucky not to have any breakouts from when I started using this up till a week later. The toner actually doesn't feel like it's supposed to be minimizing my pores at all, it's feels almost as if I am just using plain water on a cotton pad to swipe all over my face just to refreshed my skin only. But the good part is that my face didn't actually feel oily nor clogged even hours after the toner has long absorbed into my skin.

And when I woke up in the morning, I am also glad that my face didn't actually look like a greasy/oily sebum minefield which mostly happens on a regular basis. Despite the product claiming to have organic ingredients such as pine needles, lavender, aloe to keep the skin moisturized and gives nutrition to the skin, I don't really recalled seeing any benefits to using this toner at all. My face still looked pretty much the same after a good one week, not looking any refreshed. But not getting any acne or pimple issues either, which I am still glad for.

This product is probably best used in a somewhat much more warmer climate where my skin would definitely be able to take better advantage of what this product could have done. But other than that, I really don't see any improvement of any sort for my skin, except for less acne and pimple outbreak though.


WHAT I THINK: Normally, my face tends to have breakouts after using products that claimed to have organic ingredients. But not this, however, I do wish this product could have performed even better than expected.

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