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Lifebuoy Total 10 Review

WHAT IS IT: Lifebuoy Total 10


Lifebuoy Total 10: Contains advanced germ potection ingredient, Active5. The rich, creamy foam in our body wash reaches deep into the pores, deeply cleanses and removes 10 problem causing germs, leaving your skin feeling cleansed and refreshed.

The body wash is actually gel-based consistency with a really creamy texture and the color is a light pearl-ish marble-pink. The scent is to-die-for, in my opinion. While some body wash may smell really heavenly, they may not necessary wash off dirt and grime easily.

VERDICT: First of all, let's talk about the scent. We haven't been really looking at the past few reviews without raising the issue on scent first. But this Lifebuoy Total 10 totally smells wonderful and heavenly, it actually made me want to just run straight into the bathroom for another round of shower, despite already showered previously. It smells flora sweet, but not to the point where it makes you want to gag and feel nauseous, and from the very first whiff, you just can't help but think of the word "clean".

Personally, I really hate the feeling of itchiness on my skin, even after a clean and thorough round of showering. Don't get me wrong, I do use shower gels as I cannot share soap bars with the rest of my family due to allergic and sensitive skin on my body. The last time I got lazy because I forgot to bring in my shower gel, I ended up scratching here and there the whole day. I'm rather sure back then, random strangers are probably thinking of asking if I had fleas or something, since I was over-scratching to the point where there were red patches on my skin all over.

This body wash surprisingly has a gel-based consistency with a really creamy texture, it actually suds up pretty decently and is also easy to wash off with just one wash. I'm sure some of us have experienced body washes that looks as if it cannot be rinsed off totally. And the reason being, it's a moisture layer meant to moisturized our skin, hence that layer where it looks like there's still suds left despite knowing that there isn't. Luckily, Lifebuoy Total 10 doesn't behave anything like that.

And yet at the same time, my skin doesn't feel dehydrated even after using this. In fact, right from the very first use, there were less scratching involved since it actually helps get rid of germs. With advanced germ protection ingredient, Active5, this body wash actually do reach deep into the pores of our skin. And we all know how dirt, germs and grime behave, they find the nearest open pore(s) on our skin and body and bury themselves deep within. And no amount of endless scrubbing will remove them, and I am glad such a body wash exists to thoroughly clean our skin deep from the pores and yet doesn't damage our skin in any way.

My skin immediately feel cleaned and refreshed after the soap suds are washed off, and some times, I really do want that clean and refreshed feeling on the skin that I am really tempted to re-shower once more. But, I'm guessing there are going to be at least 3 angry people outside the bathroom door screaming and yelling for their turn.

Despite Lifebuoy existing in Singapore for a couple of years, I didn't really dare to buy a retail size bottle and try it out as I am personally aware how allergic and sensitive the skin on my body is. A little lazy mistake is the equivalent of endless scratching that goes non-stop for a couple of days. So, when I got to know Lifebuoy Singapore was previously giving this away on their Facebook page, I thought, "Why not? Just get one and if it works, I can get more the next time round. If it doesn't work for me, I can still let my family use the remaining unused portion, without having it go to waste since it's a free sample?" And I am definitely glad I did request for the sample, as my skin is loving that cleaned and refreshed feeling all day long.


WHAT I THINK: If you have allergic and sensitive skin and cannot share the same soap bars with your family, you might want to give this a try. Although generally, I don't really recommend using soap bars as germs might sit on it without you even knowing it's there. Soap and Shower gels are generally much more hygienic.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: I previously redeemed this sample from Lifebuoy Singapore Facebook page at in the middle of August last year (2012). Although the giveaway is over, I would still recommend being a fan of Lifebuoy Singapore to be notified of future giveaways and contests.

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