Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lioele Water Drop BB Lioele Aqua Makeup Review

WHAT IS IT: Lioele Water Drop BB Lioele Aqua Makeup


Lioele Water Drop BB Uoele Aqua Makeup: An exclusive moisturizing BB Cream which makes skin moist from waterdrop, it generates a water base when applied to the skin and absorb long lasting moisture. Includes UVA/UVB protections as well as Aloe Vera, botanical extracts for the perfect feels and looks. Exclusive Aqua makeup which conceals and treats your skin at the same time. Prolonged use will eventually reveal a crystal-clear, brighter & smooth skin.

This is my face before applying the Lioele Water Drop BB Lioele Aqua Makeup.

And this is my face after applying Lioele Water Drop BB Lioele Aqua Makeup.

VERDICT: Despite looking exactly like regular BB Cream, this Lioele Water Drop BB Lioele Aqua Makeup actually has a consistency and texture that is more water-based than cream-based, as compared to other BB Cream brands I've used and reviewed before. The scent is actually quite pleasant, and does not have a hint of regular BB Cream scent which sometimes reek really strongly of cosmetic. Although the consistency and texture is more water-based, it doesn't drip nor spill so application is practically a breeze.

And as the packaging suggests, the water drop formula both moisturizes and covers skins imperfections. Which I don't really agree at all. Most BB Creams should at least be able to decently cover facial scars such as blemish marks for instance, right from the first application. And as also mentioned, "to avoid bb cream from caking, let sit for 5 minutes before building bb cream up for more coverage". This means that if I have really dark blemish scars and dark pigmentation, I would have to apply a thick layer just for the sake of covering them up.

And if I were to apply such a thick layer, or many layers of this Water Drop BB, wouldn't it make my face look even more "caked" than usual due to the extra layers needed to cover up blemish scars and pigmentation? Despite the product being touted as a light cooling BB cream that acts as a moisturizer, I definitely did felt my skin a little more hydrated. But then, most BB Creams are supposed to be lightweight and yet be able to cover up almost all facial pigmentation and such effectively without the need for extra layers. And I can attest that I felt my face feeling heavy as I tried to apply another layer just to try and cover up and blemish scars and redness.

Although I still have to give this BB Cream credit as it actually gets absorbed into my skin rather fast without the need to spend extra time trying to spread, apply and even out the BB Cream all over my face. But personally, I think the absorption rate is probably it's only redeeming point to take note of. If you look at my Before and After application photos above, you can see for yourself that my blemish scars, almost-healing pimples and redness aren't exactly well-covered. In fact, I felt as if I am applying a day-time facial moisturizer instead of a BB Cream.

Despite this particular BB Cream being available only in 1 shade, I personally find that it is quite suitable for almost any skin tone, as I do not see much difference in skin tone between my jaw and neck area. In fact, despite the color looking like a BB Cream, it doesn't behave what most single shade BB Cream does. Which is to be suitable for only specific types of skin tones. So, if your skin tone ranges from pale as a ghost to really tanned or just dark/olive skin, this is definitely suitable. But provided your skin is almost blemish-free, only then would it be an ideal BB Cream for hot and humid weather.

If you do have blemish scars and dark pigmentation, you are better off trying/using the other Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream which probably offers slightly more coverage than this Lioele Water Drop BB Lioele Aqua Makeup. Unless you tend to go to dark places that scream "Disco" where the lights are always kept to a minimum, then maybe this might be a good choice if you prefer light to almost nothing BB Cream application.


WHAT I THINK: Not really a big fan of doubling or tripling so many layers of BB Cream.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: You can redeem a sample via The Sample Store if you are curious to try this out.

However, be aware that currently TSS charges S$2.99 for 1-2 samples and S$3.99 for 3-4 samples as delivery charges. So, be alert!!

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