Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Participant List for Christmas Giveaway

So, my first non-sponsored Christmas Giveaway contest ended last night (24 December 2012) at 23:59 exactly. And here are the list of participants who have taken the trouble to join, and wishing them all the best of luck as I will be choosing 2 winners randomly.

Name: Kwek Kuek
FB URL: www.facebook.com/kwekkwek4567

Name: Eleen Cheong
FB URL: www.facebook.com/eleencheong1

Name: Huiru
FB URL: www.facebook.com/stupidtan.huiru

Name: Kathryn
FB URL: www.facebook.com/atakat

Name: Lai Ying Ying
FB URL: www.facebook.com/yingying.lai.54

Name: May Rachel
FB URL: www.facebook.com/may.rachel.73

Name: Annabelle Tong
FB URL: www.facebook.com/neusyhantong

Name: Zane
FB URL: www.facebook.com/zane.ong.581

Name: Sng L K
FB URL: www.facebook.com/slj.slk

Name: Christine Rodriguez
FB URL: www.facebook.com/mytrinketbox

Name: Kaori L.
FB URL: www.facebook.com/kaorilizaso

Name: Anveli Li
FB URL: www.facebook.com/anve.li.1

Name: Belle Tamang
FB URL: www.facebook.com/Tamangnee

Name: Katie P
FB URL: www.facebook.com/katie.cai.5

Name: Kyky Lim
FB URL: www.facebook.com/kyklim

Name: cheryl
FB URL: www.facebook.com/cheryl.theoneandonly

Name: Lee Zhen Huan
FB URL: www.facebook.com/bitterthoughts

Name: Pang Pui Han
FB URL: www.facebook.com/miapph

Name: Cindy
FB URL: www.facebook.com/ladycindykho

Name: Gigi Lim
FB URL: www.facebook.com/joanna.gigi.7

Name: Jenney Tan
FB URL: www.facebook.com/jenney.tan.1

Name: Irene Soh
FB URL: www.facebook.com/ireneyksoh

Name: Shi Hui
FB URL: www.facebook.com/la.yolanda.5

So, *drumrolls*, there's a whopping 23 entries altogether. If you find your name in this list, then you may be 1 step closer into being the 2nd winner(s) on my blog. And not forgetting a chance to be "immortalized" under my Winner List page too.

Anyways, be prepared to give me a mailing address to anywhere in Singapore in the event you are a winner. The 2 lucky and beautiful winners will be announced tomorrow some time around 12 noon.

And for those of you who didn't join this Christmas Giveaway in time, fret not! Next giveaway will be some time in the middle of January 2013 to welcome in the New Year, thank my faithful and loyal readers and fans of my FB page and also to welcome new readers and fans onboard!!

For now, just go to bed early so you can rise and shine on time for the Winner announcement!!


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