Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mizon Trouble Clinic Acence Blemish Control Soothing Gel Cream Review

WHAT IS IT: Mizon Trouble Clinic Acence Blemish Control Soothing Gel Cream


Mizon Trouble Clinic Acence Blemish Control Soothing Gel Cream: Supplies troubled skin with abundant moisture which contains patented acne treatment ingredients, which balances skin oil and moisture and prevents skin from becoming sensitive and dry. It absorbs easily without stickiness.

Cleanliness is the first step for preventing troubles. ACNATURAL FORMULA includes unique patent ingredients which is very effective for trouble relief and prevents troubles and protects skin from becoming sensitive by irritation. It forms a skin-protecting film that prevents more skin troubles.

This product is a cloudy color with the consistency of gel that is almost watery/runny, but yet easy to apply without spills nor fuss. Can't really put a finger to exactly what type of scent it reminds me of, but I am definitely detecting a scent no doubt.

VERDICT: So, after a somewhat thorough/detailed check on Google for an English version of this product, I managed to find out that this Soothing Gel Cream contains active ingredients that includes Hyaluronic Acid, Lemon Extract and Raspberry Extract among others (List of detailed active ingredients), so I was actually anticipating a somewhat close to sweet scent. Despite there being some sort of scent to this product, I just cannot exactly pinpoint what type of scent it is. But, knowing that the scent isn't overpowering or make you nauseous is actually a good thing. Even if products that are meant for acne and blemish are scented/perfumed, it shouldn't be too heavy to the point it puts you off into even trying it. So, the scent for this product is just right.

For the product itself, the color is actually cloudy/milky and the consistency of this soothing gel cream is more gel-based than cream-based. And we all know that gel-based cream are actually much better, in terms of applying it on our pesky acne spots. Creams seemed too rich for a pimple that is close to the point of ripening or has already ripened, and extra care must be taken from that particular stage onward to ensure that the has-been acne won't get too serious to the point of scarring.

Personally, I like that when I applied this Soothing Gel Cream on my blemish scars and post-acne spot, it actually leaves a cooling sensation that helps soothe the pain from acne. Because it is gel-based, I find that it is easy to apply onto my acne and blemish spots without spills nor fuss encountered. And it doesn't make my pores feel anymore clogged too. And hours after application, my face doesn't feel sticky nor look oily at all, which I am glad for.

As this product has Ivy Extract that reduces swelling caused by acne, I find that it actually does what the ingredient promised. Just 1 day after using this, my post-acne actually look less red than before and the swelling looks slightly more subsided than before. And with Lemon Extract, I positively sure that my blemish scars looks a little more fainter than before. No doubt, with extended use, this product can definitely help reduce my blemish scars and at the same time, help soothe my red angry looking acne spots, even though it's stated specifically that it's for "Blemish Control".

And luckily, despite transferring the product from sachet to reusable container, I am happy to announce that the color didn't change nor did the consistency and texture of this product suffered at all, as compared to the previous Mizon Acence Blemish Spot Solution Serum, which practically made me feel a little hesitant about trying this Soothing Gel Cream. And I dare say it is working slightly better than the TBS Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion.


WHAT I THINK: Surprisingly, this is one of the few Korean products that seems to work for me.

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