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The Body Shop Papaya Shower Gel Review

WHAT IS IT: The Body Shop Papaya Shower Gel
The Body Shop Papaya Shower Gel

The Body Shop Papaya Shower Gel
The Body Shop Papaya Shower Gel: This soap-free shower gel contains real papaya seed oil and has a sweet, fruity scent. It is lather-rich and has a sweet papaya scent.

The Body Shop Papaya Shower Gel
Really runny, perfect for spreading onto a bath sponge and lather up.

The Body Shop Papaya Shower Gel
Despite the presence of foam, it doesn't dry out my skin at all and the scent isn't overly cloying.

VERDICT: I'd start with the fact that a few years ago, The Body Shop was selling majority of their shower gels for up to S$20 a bottle. That was around the time when I first got my very first membership with The Body Shop, and a few years down the road, they suddenly start lowering the prices dramatically. And now, each bottle of shower gel only costs up to S$6.90 at most. A steal? Oh yes, I always stock up on my shower gels at least once every few months. And like I have mentioned previously in my other posts, I have really sensitive skin and I cannot share the communal soap bar with the rest of my family. But I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my brother that gives me a bad skin reaction after he uses that same soap bar everyone uses.

Personally, I'm not really a big fan of the actual papapya fruit. Although the shower gel is totally in a different league. The scent of this shower gel is sweet, but the sweetness isn't over-cloying at all. It's like a papaya soap bar in a bottle. If you don't open it, you won't smell the scent wafting out. Thankfully, the scent only lingers on the skin gently after showering so you don't end up smelling like a tropical fruit on the streets of Singapore. A tropical fruit plus a hot, sweaty and sweltering weather is enough to make even the nicest scents smell weird and off eventually.

The texture and consistency is runny but not too watery, which is perfect for pouring or squeezing a desired amount onto a bath sponge and lather up. But I dare say a little goes a long way, and a little is still more than enough to get a lot of foam. It feels satisfying to see the foam showing up inside the shower and it is even more satisfying to rinse it off and have the feeling of moisturized skin that doesn't feel dry nor tight and taut.

What I love best is that the scent of papaya is faint after showering. And I think this is how shower gels should be in the long run. Why would you want to smell like an over-ripe fruit right in the middle of hot, sweaty and sweltering Singapore? I wouldn't! So, the faint scent of papay that actually wafts and lingers when you least expect is just something nice and gives your mind a mini perk-up moment when you're feeling overwhelmed.


WHAT I THINK: It doesn't dry out my skin after showering plus the fact that the scent doesn't stubbornly linger on strongly after showering. Just faint enough to get a whiff of it every now and then to refresh the mind.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: So far, I've never encountered shower gel samples before. The closest would be those small travel-sized bottle version. But still, I've never saw travel-sized papaya shower gel too.

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