Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nuxe Brightening Program Brightening Cleansing Foam Review

WHAT IS IT: Nuxe Brightening Program Brightening Cleansing Foam
Nuxe Brightening Program Brightening Cleansing Foam

Nuxe Brightening Program Brightening Cleansing Foam
Nuxe Brightening Program Brightening Cleansing Foam: An efficacious brightening foaming cleanser, it produces a fine-textured, creamy foam to cleanse skin without drying it out. Contains patented White Crocus & Daisy to restore radiance to skin and blended with Mallow extract to enhance the moisture levels in skin Loaded with antioxidant. Green Tea to shield against free radical damage Leaves skin supple, clear & youthful looking Paraben-free.

Nuxe Brightening Program Brightening Cleansing Foam
It looks every bit like your typical Over-The-Counter (OTC) cleansing foam, only difference is that this is an expensive brand.

Nuxe Brightening Program Brightening Cleansing Foam
I tried. I really tried. But it just doesn't foam up at all :(

VERDICT: Personally, I find the scent pleasant. It's not over-cloying although I have to be honest, with a blocked and occasional stuffy nose recently, it's rather hard to sniff anything. But the scent radar in my nose immediately perks up with utmost attention if it smells weird or anything. So, rest assured that although my nose is blocked, my scent radar is in snooze-mode, therefore, I'm absolutely sure it doesn't smell weird or anything. I hope :/

The texture and consistency of the product is similar to most Over-The-Counter(OTC) cleansing foam that you can easily buy at NTUC, Giant, Watsons or Guardian Pharmacy. It's not too thick that you need to put in a little more strength just to squeeze out 0.5cm worth of cleanser while on the other hand, it isn't too watery that it overspills more than what you intended to use or need at all. I can literally likened it to having the texture and consistency of milky shower gels.

Despite my best efforts, I just couldn't foam it up no matter how hard I try. Don't get me wrong here, if I see the word "Foam" or "Foaming", my first response to it would be, try and foam the heck out of it. But. It. Doesn't. Upon further digging around on the Internet, I found out that no foam is formed during the cleansing process, making it a little different from the usual foaming cleansers that we are probably accustomed to for X number of years. The good part is that, because it doesn't foam up, it doesn't leave my skin feeling dry and tight like as if the natural lipids have been stripped from my skin.

Immediately after cleansing, my skin felt clean and refreshed but not to the point where after patting off the excess water off my skin, that it felt overly dry nor taut. It felt soft, somewhat moisturized feeling and I can see my skin glowing slightly. Like it has finally been given a comfortable and refreshing shower it deserved after slaving for so long. I felt my complexion look so much perkier and "awake" instead of the usual dullness I always see. As it is a brightening cleansing that supposedly makes your complexion glow instead of lightening dark spots and whatnots, I wasn't too focused on those dark spots and acne/blemish spots I originally already had on my skin.


WHAT I THINK: It doesn't foam up despite the description of the product stating that it's a "cleansing foam". Foam or no foam, as long as my skin doesn't feel like it has taken a week's stroll in the Sahara Desert, I'm absolutely fine with it. And I like the fact that my complexion looks so much fresher and awake instead of the usual dullness.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Every now and then, Nuxe holds sampling activities and they are really really generous with their samples. In fact, I got this cleanser a few times already and I pased half of what I've got to my mother and I saw the same effects I experienced too. You could try popping by any Nuxe outlets and ask if they have a sample for this. Or wait for their next sampling activity that comes along.

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