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Kracie Ichikami Moisturizing Care Conditioner (Apricot) Review

WHAT IS IT: Kracie Ichikami Moisturizing Care Conditioner (Apricot)
Kracie Ichikami Moisturizing Care Conditioner

Kracie Ichikami Moisturizing Care Conditioner
Kracie Ichikami Moisturizing Care Conditioner: Formulated with concentrated Pure Japanese Botanical extracts to intensively repair damaged hair, resulting in shiny, silky hair. Replenishes hair's moisture and shine lose due to damage. Hydrates hair and scalp and prevents damage caused by dryness. With doubled moisturizing ingredients Apricot Oil and Tea Flower extract for hair and scalp.

Kracie Ichikami Moisturizing Care Conditioner
The big bottle comes with a pump nozzle that I like for easy access, although I prefer flip caps as it's easier to bring around if I need to shower away from home.

Kracie Ichikami Moisturizing Care Conditioner
It looks thick and creamy, but it spreads decently onto wet hair and it doesn't take too much effort nor trouble to rinse it off.

VERDICT: Let me just say this straight. I love the scent Krachie Ichikami products have, it's so flowery and fruit at the same time without making you feel nauseous. Normally, I am not a flower and fruity kind of person, fruit I can handle. But flowery is just too girly for me, it's just, I don't know. Flowers or flowery is more suited for girls who are dainty, small and sweet and I just feel sort of "over-sized" for dainty, small and sweet no matter how I tried to look at it. Each and every Krachie Ichikami product have different scents, but they always delight and amaze me all the time.

The texture and consistency is typical of most regular conditioners, the only different is the apricot and sakura fragrance that doesn't overwhelm. It spreads well on wet hair and easy to smooth onto hair without much difficulty needed. As I find that the conditioner works really well, I don't need to leave it longer than supposed to and when it's time to rinse it off, it just washes off easily without having to re-rinse repeatedly, something most conditioners should be able to do.

After shower, I noticed my hair smelling wonderful with a fruit and flowery scent that is mild and unnoticeable unless a gust of wind decides to show up. And my hair felt so smooth and soft, it's almost like my hair was never damaged from coloring before. Normally, conditioners just simply made hair feel soft and smooth but you can still tell it's not quite enough at all. It needs to feel soft, smooth and healthy like virgin hair which this product somehow managed to achieve for my not so greatly abused hair.

And despite my hair drying up from the wetness and a day after, my hair didn't lose the softness and smoothness at all. It actually lasts for as long as the next shower session. A little something I am really grateful for as Krachie Ichikami's philosophy is hair first, appearance second. If you have lousy looking hair that looks oily and mangled/tangled, people's perception of you is greatly reduced. Whereas if the hair looks healthy, your appearance can still be slightly overlooked, they'll probably credit it to rushing, hence the slightly messy appearance.

Let's face it, if I were to meet someone for the first time and if that person has really messy, dirty, oily and untidy hair, even if he or she is dressed to kill, I wouldn't want to make any acquaintance at all. However, if the other party has really clean, tidy and healthy looking hair whereas the clothes just look maybe a little crumpled, I'll just ignore the clothes as he or she was probably rushing for time and rushed all the way to the meeting point, isn't it?


WHAT I THINK: The fragrance of the product is alright, as it's not too heavy nor cloying. Yet at the same time, it doesn't feel as if the scent got heavier even after usage. And my hair looked clean, glossy and healthy too.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: So far, I've never come across samples for this particular conditioner yet.

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