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Meditrina Arctic Algae Refining Mask Review

WHAT IS IT: Meditrina Arctic Algae Refining Mask
Meditrina Arctic Algae Refining Mask

Meditrina Arctic Algae Refining Mask
Meditrina Arctic Algae Refining Mask: Meditrina Arctic Algae Refining Mask is a powerful antioxidant that helps to replace lost minerals and keep the skin healthy. It also has a moisturising effect to prevent dryness of the skin. It can reduce the skin darkening effect of melanin while brightening the face.

Meditrina Arctic Algae Refining Mask
It's paper-thin and it's actually green, thereby transforming me into a green-faced monster without my actual intentions LOL

Meditrina Arctic Algae Refining Mask
The algae is pretty bad but I thought the product itself is really special and unique in it's own way.

VERDICT: The smell, omigawd, is just unpleasant, considering that it's an algae mask meant for the face/skin. As I am already more or less acquainted with face masks that actually smells from decent to really luxurious, this products was a suckerpunch for me because of it's unusual scent to it. But like I always like to say, the better the scent might not necessarily meant the product is better, sometimes it's the weirdly scented ones that really does the job it claims to be able to. Anyway, let's move on from the scent~

The mask itself is a little sticky but hey, this means that it won't slip from my face if I forgot it's existence and promptly bent over to grab something, say from the drawer located at the bottom of the dresser, right? So, I'm just going to clock it up as being genius with the sticky part while still using it. Although what I wasn't expecting is that, this mask itself has this slight cooling effect as soon as I placed it on my face. Normally, I always place masks that I intend to use into the fridge overnight for it to chill and gain some cooling sensation from it. But for this one, it's really a spur of the moment and hence it wasn't pre-chilled in the fridge. So, imagine my pleasant surprise when it felt so cooling and calming as soon as I applied it onto my skin.

As the mask itself is a little big for my already chubby face, I find that it just perfectly covers every part of the skin on my face without having to worry that I missed a corner, like for example, near the hairline, or near the ears, so on and so forth. But then, it's really a huge mask but I not going to complain much, just glad my face isn't that long though LOL

Personally, I find that this mask itself is wonderful in the sense that after the first usage, I noticed some of the dark spots on my face was visibly lightened up and the best part? It is not irritating to my skin at all despite the mask having that unforgettable algae scent and looking so green. I was half expecting my face to have breakouts, but fortunately, nothing of that sort happened.


WHAT I THINK: Despite the weird algae scent and that the mask itself is green, since this is my first time seeing a mask that isn't white at all, I thought it was a pretty good product. That is, unless I can stand the algae scent repeatedly.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Meditrina is no longer giving out samples.

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