Saturday, March 1, 2014

Monthly Topic #14: Mascara Made Easy

Your lashes are the most natural ornaments of your eyes. Use them to your advantage!

~Image Source: Ngoisao~

When is it okay to wear silver mascara? Will a coat of cobalt blue clash with your pink eyeshadow? Is colored mascara funky or trashy? Here's the answers to your mascara must-know questions.

Here's how to choose the right color for every occasion.

Black Mascara: A standard basic that every girl should have in her make-up pouch. Black lashes go well with all colors, and every make-up trend possible. A must especially for formal or party make-up.

Green Mascara: Blue-green mascaras look great with aqua or mint eyeshadows, leaf-green mascaras are best used with lime, gold and olive shades. A good trick is to line the corners of the eyes with a maching liner.

Grey Mascara: Lovely with eye make-up in muted shades of pinks. mauves, lilacs and dove grey. Add pink blush and pale or neutral lips for that gorgeous Spring nymph look.

Blue Mascara: Blue mascara tends to pick out the matching tones in your outfit, and this works well most of the time. Best with matte eyeshadows in neutral shades of beige, cream or grey. Team with brown or nude blush, and buff or taupe lips.

Purple Mascara: Play down purple's brash attitude with heavier neutrals like deep brown and dark grey, or warm plum liner. Shift the emphasis away from lips by using a pale, neutral shade of beige.

Pink Mascara: The perfect accompaniment to pink lashes, is white eyeshadow (matte or perle). Take the white below the eyes too. Add a touch of perle or glitter white shadow below the eyes, a dash of pink blush and go for nude, glossy lips.

Brown Mascara: A good everyday alternative to harsh black. A must if you have had your hair lightened. Eyebrow pencils should follow the same rule.

Silver Mascara: Party girls should try loads of black eyeliner and eyeshadow, fringed by silver-coated lashes. Keep cheeks bare and lips just glossed over.

TIP: Colored mascaras throws your eyes into the spotlight instantly. Play down your cheek color with the lightest dusting of blush and keep lips pale and neutral.


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