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Oxy Cover Acne Pimple Medication Review

WHAT IS IT: Oxy Cover Acne Pimple Medication
Oxy Cover Acne Pimple Medication

Oxy Cover Acne Pimple Medication
Oxy Cover Acne Pimple Medication: For more stubborn cases that do not respond to mild acne treatment. Contains 10% Benzoyl Peroxide to kill acne bacteria on the skin and in the pores. Hide pimples. Enhance with skin tone color, it covers as it treat. Helps dry excessive oil & unclog pores and prevent new pimples from forming.

Oxy Cover Acne Pimple Medication
The product itself looks close to flesh color, although it looked a little too dark for my pale and ghostly looking skin tone :O

Oxy Cover Acne Pimple Medication
The product seemingly looks as if it matches my own skin tone, but less than 2 hours later, I saw the product turning a shade of orange on my pale skin :(

VERDICT: The product itself is practically odorless, according to my "over-abused" nose. I just can't seem to sniff out any scent at all, and despite continuous and interval sniffing sessions, I still don't get any scent out of it. Although I can say this must be a blessing in disguise, as scents might irritate our already sensitive breakouts that occurs on our face and skin. Who knows if the scent itself might make an existing acne/pimple condition go from bad to worse all because of a scent?

Immediately upon patting it onto problematic areas on my face, I saw slight differences. For areas that have newer, lighter and fainter looking acne/pimple, it literally covers pretty well and impressive. But for areas that already have an obvious looking pimple, it's rather hard to cover it well enough. The only tell-tale sign is a raised bump on the surface of your skin that signifies that a pimple is in-progress of ripening and is just patiently waiting to erupt without a moment's notice.

But just less than a few hours later, I notice something more drastic instead. The areas where I've applied this product literally made my skin tone looks a little more orange-y than usual, definitely a big contrast to my usual pale-ish looking skin tone. This just simply screams obviously that I've applied something for my breakouts, instead of making it look like there's supposed to be nothing. In short, instead of looking like my skin tone looks even as I've applied something to cover the acne and pimples, my skin tone looks uneven due to the color tone differences on my skin. Both on the applied and non-appplied areas.

However, if I were to cover it up with makeup, the color differences just sort of goes way and my entire face looks pretty much even-tone at any angle. But if I were to just apply this product alone, it pretty much doesn't help, especially since people like me who have pale-looking skin tones will just end up looking 2 different shades weird no matter how we try. I'd say this product it best use at home, where nobody can see the color differences. If I have to wear this outside the house, I definitely would have to use it with makeup to even up the differences in skin tone.

But despite the misgivings, I found that it actually did help with my breakouts as it healed pretty nicely. And currently, majority of my blemishes and acne/pimple scars look pretty much faded than compared to before using this product. I just wished this product worked on pale skin tones like mine, where I need not have to apply on makeup to avoid looking orange-y on different parts of my face. Kinda made my feel like Two-Face from Batman. The only difference being that I have orange and pale looking skin tones all right smack on my face D:


WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: So far, I've never encountered sample tubes for Oxy products, partly because old Oxy products are actually colorless and won't show no matter what color your skin tone is. But with this, it's a little tricky and may work well on folks who have medium skin tone. If you have see open sample tubes, I really urge you to test them out on your skin as if you are testing foundation powder and/or BB cream, which is right on your jawline. You will be able to see the color differences and decide whether it's a hit or miss for you instead :)

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  2. Hi Daniel,

    as each and everyone's skin is different, all I can say is that, you have to try it out and see if it works for you. This product does work for me, but not fast enough. Also as mentioned, it leaves a orange-y color on areas of my skin, which can still easily be covered up with makeup.

    Hope this helps :)


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