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Dr. G Super Aquasis Moisture Toner Review

WHAT IS IT: Dr. G Super Aquasis Moisture Toner
Dr. G  Super Aquasis Moisture Toner

Dr. G  Super Aquasis Moisture Toner
Dr. G Super Aquasis Moisture Toner: Dr.G, GOWOONSESAN Super Aquasis Moisture Toner contains rich minerals, gentle moisturizing skin and enables it to absorb the continuation of goods. Toner contains ginseng root extract; resurrect grass extract, glycoprotein, and yeast extract ingredients: mild but effective exfoliation. Preventing water evaporation and providing elasticity and moisture to the skin.

Dr. G  Super Aquasis Moisture Toner
I personally find that the opening is too small to pour out a decent amount onto my cleansing cotton wool pad :(

Dr. G  Super Aquasis Moisture Toner
And I managed to pour out a sizeable drop to show what it's like, noticed that it stays on the back of my hand like a blob of liquid instead of spreading out.

VERDICT: The scent of this Moisture Toner actually smells clean and it reminds me a little of fresh flowers in a field. It doesn't smell overly chemical at any point, and because of the scent, it feels like it will do a good and/or decent job that toners are supposed to do. The best part is that it comes with a stopper, so it prevents unnecessary spills if you have to bring this out with you, whether it's for a short oversea stay or if you simply just want to bring along a toner out with you around to quickly cleanse your skin from facial sebum or if you want your skin to be refreshed instantly.

Despite it being a toner and the contents seemingly looking all liquid and watery, I found out that the consistency is more towards runny glue. As the opening is too small, I had trouble dispensing a decent amount onto my cleansing cotton wool pad. I actually had to pry open the stopper and everything and literally pour out the toner onto the cotton wool pad instead of usual toners where the liquid comes out easily. And it did take a while for the toner to spread onto the cotton wool pad too, I had to squeeze it a little to spread the toner around the cotton wool pad. And to top it off, I had to pour quite a huge amount of it, feels kinda waste to pour out that much.

And as soon as I applied it onto my skin, it made my skin feel clean and refreshed instantly. As it's supposedly mild, it definitely does feel different from my usual variety of tea tree oil toners that I've previously used. I actually felt I was using really special water to refresh my skin, although I can't say much about the exfoliation part. As usually, toners are supposed to either help to shrink/minimize the size of your pores and/or refresh your skin on the go, not exfoliating while doing the above.

After a few days of using this Moisture Toner, I did see a slight improvement on my skin as opposed to using it before. My skin feels and look less irritated and my pimples did clear out a little, especially the acne/pimple scars that used to slightly red and angry, it looks so much more calmer now. I can't really say my face looks brighter upon using, but somehow, it did managed to make my acne/pimple scars look much less visible than before. Let's just say I find this really surprising as it seemed to work rather fast on my skin :O


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