Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dr. G Super Aquasis Moisture Seed Ample Review

WHAT IS IT: Dr. G Super Aquasis Moisture Seed Ample
Dr. G Super Aquasis Moisture Seed Ample

Dr. G Super Aquasis Moisture Seed Ample
Dr. G Super Aquasis Moisture Seed Ample: Dr.G, GOWOONSESAN Super Aquasis Moisture Seed Ample contain "Crystal seed" the exclusive research and development. Its nature of the ingredients is very similar to the human skin, forming a protective layer on the skins; surface. Soothing and moisturizing the skin, leaving loads of moisture transparent essence.

Dr. G Super Aquasis Moisture Seed Ample
I noticed that there's some glittering stuff in this Moisture Seed Ample, and besides, I don't think this is working for me at all :O

VERDICT: The scent is the same as the previous 2 Dr. G products I've already tried, tested and review. Therefore, I won't go much into details regarding the scent. Although still, I have to mention that I am grateful the scent isn't bordering on nauseousness for me. Many times, I think that a product(s) scent is a huge factor in whether we will continue using a product or not. It can be really effective upon immediate usage, but we won't want to use something that smells weird and awkward, right? And on the other hand, something that smells impressive might not actually be that good upon usage as well.

Before using this, I already noticed that the product itself contains something glitter-ish inside. Don't mind me for saying this, but I am a little put off with products that promises endless glimmer and shimmer to the person using it. And I am definitely not a big fan of anything that glimmers and shimmers, let's just leave the glim-and-shim part to fairies, mermaids and the likes, yeah?

Upon application, the product despite looking so watery ends up feeling a little close to the texture and consistency of runny glue. It did took me a while to ensure the amount I squeezed out actually gets absorbed into my skin via endless cycle of massaging, which made me feel like I'm doing some sort of hand-to-face exercise/massage regime. Not that I am complaining, but I also felt that there's a layer of something sticky on the surface of my skin, immediately after application and hours after application.

As there were 4 amples available, each 1 can last up to 2 or 3 uses, depending on how much you intend to squeeze out. This makes is close to almost 2 week's worth of usage, and honestly, I didn't really see much of an improvement on my skin at all. Despite using it nightly on a regular basis, I just didn't feel nor see much of a difference. Although the gel cream works slightly better than the Moisture Seed Ample does.


WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: I won this DR.G Super Aquasis set from one of SaSa Singapore Facebook contest in September last year (2012). If you would like to try your chance at their various Facebook page contest, it's not that hard to do so. Go over to SaSa Singapore Facebook page at, Like their page in order to be notified to giveaways and contests. Most of their contest isn't really hard, so it's available to anyone who is interested.

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