Thursday, August 1, 2013

Marie Dalgar Liquid Eyeliner Review

WHAT IS IT: Marie Dalgar Liquid Eyeliner
Marie Dalgar Liquid Eyeliner

Marie Dalgar Liquid Eyeliner
Marie Dalgar Liquid Eyeliner: Very fine liquid eyeliner, waterproof and is durable and doesn't smudge when dried.

Marie Dalgar Liquid Eyeliner
To be honest, I suck at using eyeliner, be it pencil or liquid types. But I like that this doesn't smudge when dried, although the black is a little intense if you applied it with shaky hands which results in almost panda-like eyes xD

VERDICT: For the scent, I'm just going to keep it short and sweet here. In essence, it's typical liquid eyeliner scent and I doubt scented liquid eyeliners are going to appeal to anyone at all. As eyeliners of any type and/or variety is applied close to the eye lashes and probably tear duct and scented eyeliners might somehow irritate the eyes to a certain degree.

I like how when using this as a beginner, it doesn't seem too difficult to use. Simpler method is to simply dot-and-dash and then connect the "dots" or "dashes" to make it into a line. And this liquid eyeliner actually dries pretty fast, so you need not fear that it will smudge when you are applying the rest of your makeup onto your face. And personally, I haven't tried running or dashing through a heavy rain pour just for the sake of testing whether it's really waterproof or not. But I do not that if I made a mistake somehow, it is just a little difficult to clean it off with just plain tap water.

And when it is time to clean it off, my usual lathering oil makeup remover actually does the job without fuss at all. In short, I need not have to re-wash with makeup remover a second time just to get rid of the eyeliner on my eye. On the contrary, just a one-time wash is enough to get it off my eye area. And I was expecting to remove it with a little difficulty, considering that it dries pretty fast once applied onto the eye area.

Don't get me wrong, I've tried regular pencil-type eyeliner and it takes a few times for the eyeliner color to show up. But with this liquid eyeliner version, it's just apply once and the line is already there. I need not have to re-apply it anymore. And even when I touch up my make up during break-time at work, I don't need to re-apply the eyeliner anymore :) Let's just say, I experience less discomfort with a liquid eyeliner than compared to a pencil-type eyeliner.


WHAT I THINK: If I knew using a liquid eyeliner is so fuss free, I would have chose liquid eyeliners in the first place.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: No sample for redemption yet. I got this liquid eyeliner from my BellaBox which I ordered in August last year, 2012.

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