Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vaseline Perfect 10 Review

WHAT IS IT: Vaseline Healthy White Perfect 10 Whitening & Anti-Ageing Lotion
Vaseline Healthy White Perfect 10 Whitening &amp: Anti-Ageing Lotion

Vaseline Healthy White Perfect 10 Whitening &amp: Anti-Ageing Lotion
Vaseline Perfect 10: This provides up to 10 skin benefits at one go with a patented technology that contains antioxidants, AHA, Pro-Retinol, Vitamin B3 and CLA. Ideal for women with more sophisticated whitening needs, it hydrates and prevents anti-aging too. Regular use will help you achieve younger, fairer-looking and soft smooth skin.

Vaseline Healthy White Perfect 10 Whitening &amp: Anti-Ageing Lotion
I like how this lotion smells powdery and despite looking so rich and creamy, it doesn't feel heavy nor oil after application.

VERDICT: The scent is actually powdery and smells really yummy, I was almost tempted to lick it literally as soon as I screw the lid open. Such is the woe of a beauty product blogger, some products just smells so yummy and delicious and for a moment there, you are really tempted to taste it despite knowing that it's not meant for consumption. It kinda reminds me of Hazeline, but much much better though since the scent is actually quite similar at first sniff.

The lotion itself actually looks creamy and rich, but thankfully, it is more lotion than creamy. And just because it looks all rich and creamy doesn't necessarily mean that it will be thick. As it is supposed to be a lotion, I found that the texture and consistency is actually good to use on a regular basis. It smooths onto the skin decently and it doesn't feel heavy nor oily despite hours after application.

For some of us who have tried body products will notice that certain products might look all lotion-y but ended up making you feel as if you have applied a thick layer of product on the surface of your skin. It gets even worse if you had a particularly sweaty and humid day out in the Singapore sun to the point where you feel hot, sweaty, sticky and disgusting when you finally made it home for the day. But not with this Vaseline Perfect 10. On the contrary, it is so light I am almost personally tempted to slather on another few more layers, with the hope that my uneven skin tone will look better instantly LOL

As I tend to use body products such as this on areas of my skin that is not that that dry while thicker products that are mostly cream-based on areas such as such as elbows, kneecap and legs, I feel that this is a good overall product that you can use all-over. Especially in my case where I need not have to split lotion-based products on oily/normal areas of my skin and thicker and heavier creams on the dry areas. This doesn't leave the dry areas of my skin feeling anymore drier than it can get. In fact, it's feels just right as I noticed that those pre-mentioned dry areas look so much better after a week of usage.


WHAT I THINK: Most times, I have to literally use heavier creams on dry areas and lotions on the normal/oily areas of my skin. But with this, I need not have to do twice the work anymore on my skin :D

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: I previously redeemed this sample in August 2012. I've bought the other Vaseline tube, which is more of an oilier variety that I used when coloring my hair. So, I was a little surprised that Vaseline has decent body lotion as well and decided to redeem it to try. This was gotten from after filling in a survey, which is redeemable at CozyCot's outlet at Orchard Central. Redemption is over though.

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