Friday, August 23, 2013

Kitoko Kalani Grapefruit Purifying Cleanser Review

WHAT IS IT: Kitoko Kalani Grapefruit Purifying Cleanser
Kitoko Kalani Grapefruit Purifying Cleanser

Kitoko Kalani Grapefruit Purifying Cleanser
Kitoko Kalani Grapefruit Purifying Cleanser: Grapefruit Seed possesses anti-microbial properties which relives congestion particularly for oily skin. It provides a soothing, cleansing and toning effect, leaving skin feeling fresh and luminous.

Kitoko Kalani Grapefruit Purifying Cleanser
The cleanser comes in a pearl-ish blue color and it doesn't take too much fuss nor effort to sud it up.

Kitoko Kalani Grapefruit Purifying Cleanser
I found that the suds from the cleanser doesn't drag my skin when I am using it, and it washes off easily too.

VERDICT: Let's talk about the scent, it's a must on this blog LOL Anyway, as the description mentioned, this is a Grapefruit Purifying Cleanser and there is a faint scent of grapefruit to it. Not the sharp acidic type, the scent is actually more "gentler" in that it doesn't make you think or feel that it will irritate your skin from the acidity. Reason being that grapefruit is reality is really sour to me, in my personal opinion. Besides, there have been beauty rumors about how using lemon juice can lighten dark spots on your skin, but that you musn't walk out into the sun immediately after using the lemon juice trick for fear that your skin will start to sting. So, rest assured that this cleanser despite claiming that it's a grapefruit cleanser and smells like the fruit itself, I found that my skin doesn't feel irritated under the skin, even hours after using it.

The cleanser itself actually spreads pretty decently without water, provided you squeeze out a good and generous amount, but it's a waste and a sacrilege to do so. As with most cleansers tested, I found that other cleansers tend to drag and pull your skin if you did not apply enough water to it. But with this Kitoko Kalani Grapefruit Purifying Cleanser, it doesn't seem to be the case at all. I squeezed out a small dollop and start spreading on the back of my hand without water initially, and realized that it still looks smooth and creamy without water added to it at all. As compared to other cleansers that looks dry to the touch and to the eye when spread around with water.

And when it's time to literally use this cleanser on my face, I found out that the cleanser spreads and suds up pretty decently with water. The entire process of cleansing my face felt so good in that the cleanser didn't drag nor pull on my skin at all. I've encountered cleansers that seems to be so good, but when it's time to literally use it on my skin during my cleansing regime, there would be the usual sensation of pulling and tugging. And we all know by now that too much pulling and tugging on our skin during our cleansing and/or beauty regime for our skin isn't good in the long run at all. And not to mention that the suds from the cleanser is washed off easily without too much fuss nor effort.

And after washing, I detect no unwanted lingering scent of grapefruit at all. In fact, I personally think it's a bonus because if the scent of the cleanser is still lingering on the surface of our skin, some of us might actually felt as if there's a layer of something leftover on our skin that we forgot to wash off in haste. And that constant nagging feeling of something on the skin can actually affect one's overall mood throughout the day too D:


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