Thursday, July 24, 2014

Elastine Conditioner De Perfume Love Me: Part 2 Review

WHAT IS IT: Elastine Conditioner De Perfume Love Me
Elastine Conditioner De Perfume Love Me

Elastine Conditioner De Perfume Love Me
Elastine Conditioner De Perfume Love Me: Elastine Treatment De Perfume Pure Breeze which is including for helping your damaged hair, skin tissue, cell funtional improvement, enzyme production and also making damaged hair to shiny with intensive care.

Elastine Conditioner De Perfume Love Me
The conditioner itself looks so thick and creamy, you might mistake it for moisturizer instead if you don't read/look properly LOL

Elastine Conditioner De Perfume Love Me
It spreads easily onto my wet hair and isn't hard to wash off. Plus, it didn't leave the oily/slick feeling on my back after rinsing it off.

VERDICT: The scent for this conditioner is exactly the same as the Shampoo version that I reviewed just yesterday. It's exactly the same top, middle and bottom notes so, there's no need to compare too much. Although I might want to add that because the shampoo and conditioner share the same top, middle and bottom scent notes, this actually ensures your hair won't smell like an over zealous mixture of so many scents at one go, which honestly, could be a turn-off for others who happened to catch a whiff of the scent off your hair.

The conditioner itself is really thick and creamy, but it's actually easy to apply onto my wet hair without too much hassle or trouble at all. It spreads around decently without too much hard work needed and when it's time to wash it off, I found that it doesn't take too many rinsing to get it out as well. Normally, conditioners that I've previously used tend to seemingly spread well. But when it's time to wash it off, I find clots of conditioner making it's way towards the drain. But not with this conditioner, it doesn't clot up at all. And it actually behaves like a shampoo does when being rinsed off, albeit less bubbles and suds though.

As of now, readers of my blog are aware of the issue everyone tend to have when using conditioner on long hair that goes past our back, reaching the top of our butt, right? Right after rinsing off the conditioner, you'll notice the back area where your hair was when you applied your hair conditioner tend to feel slick and oily, right? But this conditioner doesn't leave that overly slick and oily sensation on my back at all. Sure, it's still there, but I think it's much more better though. Because if you don't wash your back thoroughly, you'll end up getting back-acne from the product residue that clogs the pores on the your back. So far, I've not encountered any back-acne issues from using this conditioner. Yet.

Another thing I've noticed is that, this conditioner really smooths out my hair that I can practically run my fingers through my hair easily in the shower. Don't do this when your hair is dripping wet. The trick is to hold the faucet or shower-head right above your head and let the water cascade down you. As soon as your hair feels as if it's "submerged" in only water, quickly run your finger through your hair. Less hair-fall issues and also a fast and quick way to find out if the conditioner is really "working" or live up to it's hype. Just be really careful of water splashes in the bathroom (^^) Not recommended to attempt to run your fingers through your wet hair after your stepped out of the shower as your hair is still wet and may tangle easily.


WHAT I THINK: With the same conditioner in the same range/line/series, I find my hair staying soft, smooth and manageable for up to 3 days before it feels a little bit tangled at the ends. And the overall scent is just subtle without going overboard :D

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: I haven't encountered sample sachets for conditioners at The Face Shop, however, you can still try your luck and ask at any The Face Shop outlets.

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