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AFC Japan Collagen Beauty Review

WHAT IS IT: AFC Japan Collagen Beauty
AFC Japan Collagen Beauty

AFC Japan Collagen Beauty
AFC Japan Collagen Beauty: Made from small, absorbable peptides, AFC Collagen Beauty replenishes collagen to put the bounce and elasticity back in your skin. Proprietarily combined with Shark Cartilage Extract, Fish collagen Peptide and Vitamin C to ensure effective absorption and better collagen synthesis in the body, Collagen Beauty gives the body what it needs to build healthy, beautiful skin.

AFC Japan Collagen Beauty
Personally, I have this fear of swallowing round-shape tablets/caplets of any variety and type since I tend to fear choking on the little round pill itself. Surprisingly, this one was easy to swallow without making me fear the shape of it LOL And the bag the caplets comes in is a re-sealable bag, so no wastage nor spillage at all :D

VERDICT" Initially, I was hesitant about consuming collagen-related supplements as I was already using a slew of products that is right for my skin-type. Drinking my daily 8 glasses of water (at different intervals, mind you LOL), consuming my regular greens and so on and so forth. But then, those pesky acne and pimple woes keep coming and coming without end in sight. It's like I'm suddenly plague with skin issues after my school days. And I still remembered how my skin was so smooth, supple and scar-free when I was still schooling while my classmates were popping pimples on a daily basis. Probably my skin has finnaly decided to "grow up" after school, hence those acne and pimple woes ^^;

Anyway, towards Christmas last year, I was browsing around Watsons and saw these AFC Collagen Beauty pills on sale. Buy 2 big (or do you call it the regular pack) and get a smaller one for free and they even threw in a organic lip balm. It's the 2 big + 1 small pack of collagen supplement that sealed the deal, not the organic lip balm, mind you xD And I even took an entire hour inside Watsons debating whether I should or should not get it. It's on sale afterall, and I figured it's not that bad to try a collagen supplement and see if it works. If it doesn't, I could either stop or just try another brand until I find one that really works for me.

Initially when I started taking AFC Collagen Beauty, I don't recalled seeing much of a difference to my skin. Although the only difference was my mother squawking at me on how I shouldn't anyhow eat anything, I think she forgot I'm a human and not a vacuum machine sometimes (-_-)" Anyhow, after a month I started to see a slight difference to my skin tone. It feels and looks slightly better than before. Remember how I always QQ about how my pimples show up and stayed on my face like an angry red boil for almost weeks on end without ripening nor going away? It actually behave like what a normal pimple should after taking AFC Collagen Beauty.

And then I suddenly decided to try a little "experiment" on how good AFC Collagen Beauty supplement is supposed to be. For 1 month, I'll religiously nom 3 tablets before bed every night. Then for the next month, I won't eat it. Third month, I'll resume back to 3 tablets before bedtime. In those few months, I've noticed that if I do take my AFC Collagen Beauty, my skin behave better as compared to the month(s) I purposely didn't take any collagen supplements of any variety at all. Needless to say, my skin is better if I take them. But my skin especially my pimple issues gets a relapse issue if I stopped taking them.


WHAT I THINK: Liquid collagen supplements that you can drink are actually more expensive, so I thought I'll get the caplets alternative as they are generally more cheaper and doesn't burn a hole in my pocket on a bi- or tri-monthly basis. And I am quite impressed what 3 small little caplets can do for my skin.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: None. I've never encountered samples from Watsons before. So, you might probably have to ask a friend, family member or acquaintance or buy it when they're having 2 for 1 discounts at Watsons.

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  1. Hello, I just read your blog post on the review for AFC collagen and is wondering if you are still taking them ? I just bought one packet of AFC collagen today and is concern if there is any side effects when taking the pills ? Does it help to heal acne ? As I have quite a few of them. Thank you so much :)

    1. Dear YuYing Chua,

      As far as I am aware of, I haven't experienced any side effects from taking AFC collagen although I would suggest that if you are allergic to seafood of any variety, you might want to be a little extra cautious as most collagen products have marine ingredients in them.

      As for healing acne, collagen products won't entirely solve it. You also need to increase your intake of plain water daily to the required amount, for example, 8 glasses of water a day, as an example. Collagen products actually helps you to maintain your healthy skin when taken on a regular basis.

      My recommendation would be to consume 8 glasses of water daily. Initially for the first 1-3 weeks, you might see an outbreak of acne as your skin is slowly flushing out unwanted and harmful toxins from your skin. You can still carry on taking AFC collagen to help maintain your healthy skin along the way :)

      Hope this helps


  2. Hi sweetie, do you experience any weight gain after consuming?

  3. Hi Wan Ling,

    I did not noticed any significant weight gain after consuming this product. Hope this helps :)


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