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Elastine Shampoo De Perfume Love Me: Part 1 Review

WHAT IS IT: Elastine Shampoo De Perfume Love Me
Elastine Shampoo De Perfume Love Me

Elastine Shampoo De Perfume Love Me
Elastine Shampoo De Perfume Love Me: Elastine perfume shampoo which is including for helping your damaged hair, skin tissue, cell functional improvement, enzyme production and also making damaged hair to shiny with intensive care. It’s less scent than perfume but keeps its scent longer than perfume. As the texture of shampoo is soft, it's good enough to use all of your family.

Elastine Shampoo De Perfume Love Me
The shampoo itself looks thick and creamy, and the color itself is reminiscent of pearlized poster color from the 90s.

Elastine Shampoo De Perfume Love Me
Surprisingly, it suds and lathers up well and it doesn't take much trouble nor hassle to wash it off my hair thoroughly.

Elastine Shampoo De Perfume Love Me
Did I also mentioned it's a scented shampoo? Even the conditioner in the same series/line is the same exact scent. And the scent comes in top, middle and bottom notes, similar to EDT/EDP.

  • Top Notes: Pink Grapefruit, Peach
  • Middle Notes: Orange Blossom, Jasmin
  • Bottom Notes: White Musk, Ylang Ylang

VERDICT: This korean hair-care craze of mine started partly due to my mild-severe dandruff issues. I was browsing around The Face Shop near my neighborhood and I casually asked my usual + favorite Sales Assistant working there about shampoos that is recommended for itchy/dandruff scalp and she recommended this to me. She recommended me another one under the same range, but different scent. Anyways, she assure me that she herself used it too and not to claim that it work wonders, but it does help in terms of the scratching issue. It drastically reduce the itchiness for her. which in turn meant she needn't have to constantly scratched at her scalp too much.

Anyways, the color of this shampoo is similar to those 90s pearlized shade of poster color. If you remember gold and silver poster colors from the brand Pentel that has swirls of matte and shiny colors all in one shade, you'd probably know what I'm talking about. It's like the pearl version of Pentel bottles of poster color, albeit not, but a shampoo. Just the consistency itself is thick and creamy and it did look and feel like it wouldn't spread easily. But I was aboslutely wrong!

The shampoo's scent comes in 3 different notes, namely: top, middle and bottom. Similar to Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum. And I was assured that Elastine technology ensure that the scents are already mixed into the shampoo in the production process, not just simply poured in and mixed around just to get the scent. How they managed to get a top, middle and bottom scent all in one bottle of shampoo, I don't really know. But what I am sure is that, first whiff before using it, the scent is deliciously yummy. And after using it, it slowly dissipates and goes to the next note, which is just as heavenly. And at the end of the day, my hair still smells fresh, albeit with a little difference in the scent though, but just as good.

The shampoo itself spreads really easily and decently without much effort or hassle when applied to my wet hair. As I have long hair, I always avoid piling my hair on top of my head as this ensures that my hair will just get more tangled. No amount of conditioner and hair mask will be able to solve this problem LOL I first wet my hair, then apply a small handful of shampoo on my hands and rubbed it into a lather. Next, I smear the lathered-up shampoo onto my wet hair and next proceed to run my hand over and into my hair repeatedly to get the suds and lather it well. This method ensures your hair stays almost tangle free all the way until you stepped out of the shower.

After showering, the scent slowly fades to a subtle scent that doesn't smother, nor make you nauseous. Ever catch a whiff of your hair scent whenever a slight breeze picks up? That's how you catch the scent in your hair after using a scented shampoo. Despite Singapore's hot and humid weather and environment, the sweat doesn't mingle with the scent to produce a monstrous after-effect scent at all. On the contrary, the sweat from my scalp doesn't even affect the left-over scent on my hair after the shampoo session. At the end of a long day after work, I like that the scent still gives me a rush and a perk-up without making me feel nauseous nor sick of it.

And best part of all? I find that the itchiness on my scalp doesn't really affect me badly. It's not like it's a dandruff-based shampoo. However, I did noticed that I scratched at my scalp less and less and my scalp wasn't that itchy before prior to using this shampoo. I even tried not washing my hair entirely for 2 straight days, which meant lots and lots of scratching due to the sweat, dust and itchiness. But right immediately after using this shampoo, the itchiness went away and my scalp and hair just felt to clean and refreshed.


WHAT I THINK: If only I found this shampoo earlier, I probably would have saved tons of money on hair products that promises but didn't quite deliver. This isn't even a dandruff based shampoo but yet works like one. And the selling point is that scent, which doesn't alter drastically due to body sweat and whatnots.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: I haven't encountered sample sachets for shampoos at The Face Shop, however, you can still try your luck and ask at any The Face Shop outlets.

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