Sunday, July 6, 2014

Monthly Topic #18: Office Romances

You spend at least eight hours a day there. So it's inevitable that you're going to meet men at work. Here's some advice on doing it right.

~Image Source: Steve Greenberg~

Forget it (and him) if:

  • He can help you get ahead. Avoid your boss or someone in an influential position (who signs reviews, authorises pay rises or promotions). If it's genuine, one of you will have to leave.
  • He's related to your boss. Dump him later at your own risk.
  • He's married. If you want “sneaky, dishonest and disrespectful” instantly added to your resume, go right ahead.
  • You're the boss, and he works in the mailroom / is12 years younger than yourself. Another instant authority stripper, you'll be seen as being a slave of your libido (everyone will assume it's sex, which it usually it...) and lacking good judgement. No one's saying that these reactions are justified, it's just letting you know what you're in for.
  • You're the fifth person he's dated in the office. Even if he does have a smile so bright they could light up a small town during a blackout, resist. You'll instantly alienate the other exes (who could've cried on your shoulder) and again, people will doubt your judgement. He's a bastard, why can't you see it?

You have the green light if:

  • He's on a similar status level to you or work in a department that's not connected with yours in any way. A co-worker in the true sense of the word.
  • None of the above “forget it” reasons apply.
  • It really is true love. We're all romantics at heart. Even if the odds are agaisnt you and feathers are ruffled initially, if time proves that it wa actually love, and not simply lust, that brought you together, you might even decide to invite the whole team ti the wedding dinner.


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