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Essential Purely Smooth Shampoo Review

WHAT IS IT: Essential Purely Smooth Shampoo
Essential Purely Smooth Shampoo

Essential Purely Smooth Shampoo
Essential Purely Smooth Shampoo: Gives damaged and rough hair a light and smooth finish. New formula with Cuticle Care Technology! 4 times more Cuticle Protection for smoother, tangle-free hair to the last 15cm of your hair. Also with Inner Repair Essence that penetrates damaged, hollow hair core and High Purity Honey and Shea Butter, hair is repaired and moisturized, regaining softness.

Essential Purely Smooth Shampoo
Ths scent is wonderful, suds decently and yet easy to wash off and best of all, my hair feels smooth and silky without making me feel as if my scalp is still dirty :D

VERDICT: I love the scent of this shampoo, it's almost heavenly before, during and after usage. The scent doesn't make me nauseous despite repeated sniffing at it, and I believe this is an important factor that nobody mentions when using shampoo. I mean, would you want to use a shampoo that makes you go "Urgh!" whenever you catch a whiff of it off your hair? No, right? Me too! I love shampoo that specially doesn't seem to over-promise but at the same time, does a magnificent job of what it is supposed to do.

I like how the shampoo suds up so easily and it was a wonderful shampoo session on my hair, almost to the point of feeling like those ladies doing hair commercial. But I'll just skip the semi-naked or naked part here then LOL Anyways, I love how after I am done cleansing my hair, the shampoo washes off easily and without any fuss at all. I do not need to rinse my hair a dozen times just to ensure the shampoo is totally off and out of my hair and scalp. Just between 1 - 3 rinses, depending on how long or short your hair is, and that is more than enough.

And since I've previously tried and tested another brand of shampoo really recently, so I am a little hesitant on whether it can deliver as it promised. And I am glad and happy that it did. My hair felt smooth already just from washing the shampoo off, and when it was partially dry, it still felt smooth to the touch (without the combing part involved yet). And when it was totally dry, I can actually and easily comb through my hair without encountering lots of hairfall, just a few strands that's all. And on top of that, no tangles when combing through my hair.

And not forgetting the scalp part! Despite the shampoo being used primarily to keep hair smooth, soft, silky and manageable, I personally find that my scalp doesn't feel as if there's leftover product or residue of any sort on it at all. It's as if it actually cleanses while maintaining the smoothness, softness and silkiness of my hair. As I have dandruff issue on an on/off moment, I am glad this shampoo didn't aggravate my dandruff problem at all. In fact, I think I can probably interchange this shampoo with my regular dandruff-based shampoo on a once-every-two-day regime instead.


WHAT I THINK: Quotes Zohan: "Smooth and silky~"

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