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BeautyBiotics Dream Cream Exfoliating Jelly Review

WHAT IS IT: Beauty Biotics Dream Cream Exfoliating Jelly
BeautyBiotics Dream Cream Exfoliating Jelly

BeautyBiotics Dream Cream Exfoliating Jelly
BeautyBiotics Dream Cream Exfoliating Jelly: Exfoliating Jelly is a dermatologically formulated gentle exfoliating peel that helps unclog pores, remove impurities and dead skin to enhance your skin’s absorption of nutrients. It contains fruit derived AHA + BHA enzymes that gently exfoliates skin to restore clarity, brilliance and radiance.

BeautyBiotics Dream Cream Exfoliating Jelly
This product comes in a pump-nozzle bottle version, and you can actually control how much product is being pumped out. Half a pump for the nose area, or a full pump for the elbow and arms.

BeautyBiotics Dream Cream Exfoliating Jelly
It's really gentle on the skin and as you can see here, it's like a clear liquid gel at first glance. But upon massaging into the skin, you can see, observe and feel that it's a jelly meant for exfoliating.

BeautyBiotics Dream Cream Exfoliating Jelly
Surprisingly, the skin on my face is much cleaner as compered to my arms and legs LOL I never get that much dead skin and impurities on my face even if I use this once a month only 0_0

VERDICT: At first sniff, I didn't detect any chemical-related scent to the actual product. (Oh yes, I unscrew the bottle up and sniff around it LOL). But I do have to admit that I detect this really faint scent that reminds me of cleanliness, a really clean scent that doesn't seem too bad at all. Let's face it, sometimes we just want products that doesn't go overboard with the scent part. Something that just is simple and easy to use without any fuss or frustrations and along with a clean and simple scent that just makes you want to keep using it again and again.

As soon as I pumped a pump-ful of the exfoliating jelly out, it actually looks rather gel-like in texture. But consistency wise, it's definitely in jelly form. Looks clear, almost comparable to those mama shops hair gel you see that comes in small little tubs with colorful lids dictating which one is for "strong" hold and so on. But the truly fun and great thing about this product is that, it's really gently and kind on the skin at all times. As my skin sometimes behaves erratically like an angsty teenager with mood swings, I'm am glad and happy to say that it doesn't irritate my skin at all. And it doesn't even dry out my skin during and after usage too.

Just from the very first usage, I can immediately feel my skin feeling so much cleaner. Not sure about the clogged pores clearing part due to the fact that I'm a total klutz in the scientific technology part, but I dare say my other facial products does work better then before after exfoliating my face with this BeautyBiotics Dream Cream Exfoliating Jelly. And my skin definitely looked clearer and much more radiant. It's almost like I've cleaned off a century of tiredness from my face at one go.

As the product suggests, after using this product, your skin will tend to be a little more sensitive to sunlight due to the natural ingredients. But so far, I've never encountered this product as I use this exfoliating jelly more at night than in the daytime. During night time, our skin lose more moisture as we sleep. Hence, we need to apply serums and moisturizers prior to bedtime to combat the loss of moisture and whatnots. And suffice to say, when I go out of the house the next day under the scorching sunlight, I've never encountered any type of skin sensitivity at all. Phew~

Personally, I use this at least 3 times a week despite applying only light makeup at work. My pre-work makeup regime consists of only BB or CC Cream, foundation powder, highlighter powder and blush. That's it. Maybe that's why I find that it works wonderfully on my skin as I generally tend to avoid heavy makeup at all times.


WHAT I THINK: Despite being a little hesitant due to the hefty price tag at first, I dare say it's a product well worth that S$43.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: No sample for redemption. But because it's retailing at all Watsons outlets in Singapore, you can just pop by any Watsons near you and test it via the opened Sample bottles Watsons has set out.

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