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Senka Perfect Liquid Makeup Cleanser Review

WHAT IS IT: Senka Perfect Liquid Makeup Cleanser
Senka Perfect Liquid Makeup Cleanser

Senka Perfect Liquid Makeup Cleanser
Senka Perfect Liquid Makeup Cleanser: Perfect Liquid makeup remover melt dirt, excess oil, debris, and makeup, leaving your skin smooth and refresh. It absorbs dirt while cleansing and prevent dirt from adhering to your skin again while rinsing. It works well on wet or dry skin and rinse cleanly away. It contains Moisture-Captive Amino Acid derivative to keep your skin moisturized after wash. No Artificial Color or fragrance. Allergy tested.

Senka Perfect Liquid Makeup Cleanser
Look at the nozzle, despite it being the pouring type, this actually prevents spillage if you tend to bring your makeup remover with you outside the house.

Senka Perfect Liquid Makeup Cleanser
Here's swatches of my makeup for on-the-spot testing. Products used in this lineup includes:

  • Erabelle Long Lasting Brow Color
  • Majolica Majorca Eyeliner
  • BareMinerals The Tease blush powder
  • Peripera Peri's Tint Water in Cherry Juice #1 (I applied a layer of gloss over this tint)

Senka Perfect Liquid Makeup Cleanser
Just 1 full drop on the makeup swatches.

Senka Perfect Liquid Makeup Cleanser
Rub-a-dub-dub gently as I possible can~

Senka Perfect Liquid Makeup Cleanser
Ta-da!! No, it's not the leftover shadow of my eyebrow pencil, it's my vein(s) LOL

VERDICT: The product itself has a very pleasant scent that I can't really pinpoint exactly what it reminds me of. But it's a really really pleasant scent that doesn't border on nauseousness nor smell awkward and weird after usage. Although it's called a "Perfect Liquid", it's actually a cross between gooey and runny. It wasn't overly runny to the point it dripped off my hands before I get the product to my skin. But it isn't those really strong-hold type where it's too "hard" to spread around either. Best description would be: Slightly runny than clear liquid glue LOL

Anyway, moving on~

I normally apply light makeup at work, meaning it's only a thin layer of BB or CC Cream, foundation powder, eyebrow pencil and blusher. I just suck at the mascara and eyeliner part, since I've tried it before and I end up looking like a panda just slightly one hour after application. And most days, I don't even need to re-apply my makeup again as I've thoroughly and generously moisturize my face prior to applying any makeup on. So, when it's time to remove my makeup I only need around a small teaspoon that I rubbed and massaged gently onto my face. Yes, I do massage makeup removers like this a little longer, but gently in a circular motion.

When it's about time to wash it off, I found that just 1 splash (or maybe it should be corrected as 2 palm-ful instead) is able to wash everything off completely without having the feeling of oily or slick residue left on my face. I'm not joking though. Right immediately after that splash-ful of water, I immediately wear my glasses without wiping my face dry and I can instantly see no trace of makeup left on my face at all. Nada!

And even hours after only using this Senka Perfect Liquid Makeup Cleanser without double cleansing with another facial cleanser, I can see no oily sheen on my face at all. And best of all, throughout the past few months when was using this product, I don't see, feel nor experience any after-effects, such as excessive pimples and acne issues at all. I normally only double-cleanse if I had to reapply my makeup, since I need to thoroughly remove any trace of makeup residue on my skin. Other than that, I just used another water-based makeup remover and wipe off my face and pop right into bed without much fuss.


WHAT I THINK: For someone like me who can get a little lazy in removing makeup at the end of the day, I find that this product doesn't disappoint at all.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: So far, there's no sample for redemption. However, there's no opened bottle at Watsons for trying either. My only grouse was this saleswoman who kept following me throughout half the Watsons store when I mistakenly grabbed a facial moisturizer by mistake while I was trying to determine which of the available Senka products are meant for makeup removal. She's probably selling those atas facial products, I think..

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