Sunday, August 3, 2014

Monthly Topic #19: How to get a ring that ROCKS

Have you ever caught yourself giving not so discreet looks at a particularly gorgeous ornament on the finger of a friend – or even a perfect stranger – only to have them complement their fiance's excellent taste? So your boyfriend can't tell the difference between Tiffany's or something that fell out of a Christmas cracker. So, he thinks De Beers is Homer Simpson's favorite brew. Well, look up, girlfriend, because that doesn't mean he's a totally lost cause. With a little time and patience, you too can still get the diamond of your dreams.

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There are three keywords here: educate, educate and educate. Boys weren't just born with a sense of style like us girls. (Just look at Elton John's taste in accessories). Know what you want, and teach him while you're at it. While flipping through the latest fashion magazine, casually let him know your thoughts on Zoe's trilogy diamonds or the rock on Madonna's finger. Don't be afraid to go into detail about the design, cut and color.

Then, the next time you take a stroll down town, look out for jewellers, and let your gaze linger on their selection of rings. Ask his opinion, and let him know which ones you like, don't like, and tell him why. This conversation doesn't have to be limited to display pieces: your girlfriends' rings are prime discussion material, and you should ask to try them on and see how they look on you.

Finally, if he's the type that needs a shove rather than a point in the right direction, you can really drive the message home by leaving a jewellery catalogue, with the objects of your desire clearly marked, on his bedside table,or better still, by the TV remote. That way he's sure not to miss it!

The four C's

Now comes the technical part. While there's no such thing as bargain diamond, knowing some basic diamond facts can help you make your dollars stretch further.

  • Carat: Carat is the unit used to measure a diamond's weight; 100 points make one carat and a half-carat diamond is also called a diamond of 50 points. Bigger stones cost more, of course, but if the one carat stunner is not within your reach, try a stone which is 0.3 carats less in weight. You'll save quite a bit and the difference in size isn't noticeable to the human eye. Also, if you've got petite fingers, a three-carat monster might look plain strange, as well as horrible showy.
  • Color: Diamonds are graded according to their lack of color, the best being grade D, no color at all because a colorless diamond will allow light to pass through freely and disperse into the colors of the rainbow. A grade Z diamond on the other hand is tinged with yellow, grey or brown.
  • Cut: Cut refers to -
  • The way the stone is cut (number of facets, angles of planes, etc). The cut releases a stone's fire and can influence its sparkle dramatically. A mediocre-grade diamond with a good cut can look more brilliant than a high-grade one with a bad cut. A perfect cut is one which maximises the use of light; so entering light is reflected out through the top again. The more light thrown out through the top, the more brilliance your diamond will have.
  • Cut also refers to the external shape of the diamond.
  • Clarity: Clarity refers to how clear your diamond is. Most diamonds come with inclusions: natural “birthmarks” from the evolution process. The clearer your diamond, the more freely light can pass through, and the more brilliant – and pricey – it will be!

Finally, a word of advice. Diamonds may last forever, but can they provide you with a lifetime of laughs, loving companionship snd keep you warm in bed? Even if your ring doesn't look perfect, it what it represents that really counts.


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