Why the need for a new blog?

Previously, I have already been doing paid and unpaid reviews on my main blog at -Chopsticks-. But then, it kind of gotten rather messy and trying to sift through personal post(s), sponsored post(s) and review post(s).

And since I am actually a beauty product junkie, I might as well just start a brand new blog that focuses on beauty products, beauty product reviews and also at the same time, integrate one of my old blog, mars and venus... actually into this beauty-related blog as well.

Let's face it, not much people would want to remember visiting a blog that gets updated on a monthly basis. It's rather easy to lose readers in this way, I figured. So, why not talk about beauty products, review the same beauty products I am interested in and do a monthly beauty-related topic update monthly all under the same blog?

And so, you have it, Pu Niao's Beauty Junkie Reviews that includes everything under 1 blog without having the need to go through so many blogs of mine.

Before anyone gets a shock or anything, allow me to introduce a new blog layout for Pu Niao's Beauty Junkie Reviews.

Nothing has changed much, everything is pretty much the same. What's different is that, with this new blog layout, I can better distribute my links to other posts that may be of interest to you beautiful readers and fans alike. Static pages are also re-linked to the top of the blog, at the menu/navigation header where all links can be found easily.

No more scrolling throughout the page to hunt for a particular link to a specific page. It's all been taken care of, so that you my beautiful readers and fans, can focus on what's going in the blog post, knowing that links are readily accessible from a single location instead of having a headache all over, trying to locate for something while in the midst of reading a blog post.

Remember how in the previous layout where individual sections at the left and right panel includes links to various static pages? I've cleaned them up a little and shifted the links to the top of the page, just under the header image. Also newly included are links to popular posts that may pique your interest.

And I dread having to strain my eyes when I am reading blog posts which features black text against a stark white background. Therefore, I eased up this little issue by ensuring that the background color behind each blog post is of a light lilac shade. This prevents over-straining your eyes from reading text against a white background, while at the same time ensures the glare reflected from your screen to your eyes aren't that harsh too

Simple, easy and effective.