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Each month, a random female-related topic will be showcased to my readers, while at the same time, allowing me a few days break (or rest, if you would prefer) to recharge. And at the same time, be able to bring you the next blog review on time. Let's face it, no rest makes Riih very upset, and very tired ):

But on a happy note, this page consolidate all previous monthly topic links so you can find them easily and without any fuss too, although some topics are under the "Restricted-18" category :D And all links are listed chronologically from the latest on top, to the earliest at the bottom.

Do kindly note that all topics posted are not of my own writing. Sometimes, when I see stuffs on women/female magazines that are worth sharing, I will re-post them up here. If possible, I will also try to include which publication and which month/year the topic is from. I claim no ownership to any of these posts :)

  • #33: The Parent Trap: Living with your parents is tough when you're 25 and still being treated like a child.

  • #32: Wanna Be A Sex Bomb: Here are some suggestions for making the best bed-rocking moves known to man.

  • #31: Act Like A Man: People talk about getting in touch with their inner child, but what about releasing your inner man? Take your cue from male behavior and put yourself first... for a change. Trust us, you'll love it!

  • #30: 10 Signs You're About To Split: Sometimes, two people can hae radically different ideas about where a relationship is going. One can be positive it's over and plannin the break-up spech, while the other is lissfully unaware that there's a problem. Here's how to tell if you're heading for a fall.

  • #29: Beat Those Negative Thoughts: You've been promoted. He told you he loves you. You got that apartment. Congratulations! There's just one problem... a niggling little voice in your head that won't let you enjoy your success. Here's how to silence those negative thoughts for good.

  • #28: Do You Work For A Jerk: They lie, cheat and steal, howl and scream, ansd suck you dry before tossing you aside. Bad bosses: you can't live with them and you can't run them over, so here's how to cope with their problems personalities.

  • #27: How To Talk To A Man: Stop worrying about the difficulties of sending signals from Venus to Mars - Here is a solution to better communication in your relationship.

  • #26: 10 Health Questions To Ask Your Mother: Dramatic developments in genetic research are pinpointing more and more genes which predispose us to certain diseases. And half the 50,000 genes in our bodies come from mum. But it doesn't mean you're doomed to develop the same problems as she had. By altering your lifestyle, die and exercise habits, you can reduce your chances of following in your mum's footsteps. Besides, looks aren't the only things you inherit from your mother, chances are she's passed on some health problems as well. Asking questions now, and taking preventive actions, could save your life.

  • #25: Cash Flash: Aside from staying at home, never going out and locking yourself in your room... there are so many more steps you can take to prevent a lack-of-money misery. Here are just a few of them.

  • #24: Back To Basics ~ How To Choose A Bra:: Hands up those who had themselves measured the last time they bought a bra! If you did, give yourself a pat on your back.

  • #23: Is Your Star Sign Making You Fat:: Ever wondered why you'd sell your mother for a Mars bar, while your best friend would rather scoff Big Macs? Well, it turns out our food weaknesses are governed by our star signs. But there is a way to beat your cosmic cravings.

  • #22: Do You Fix Your Mood With Food:: There's a good reason you might have the urge to scarf an entire tub of ice-cream when you’re feeling down: certain foods can temporarily boost your mood

  • #21: Reclaiming Virginity: How do one classify virginity? Is it a matter of a few drops of blood or is it a state of mind that refuses to be corrupted? Can we claim back what's been lost? Here's a careful consideration of ongoing trends of "revirginisation" and what exactly it involves.

  • #20: Sexercise!: The more in shape you are. the better sex will feel. So, if you can't get no satisfaction, it's time to get going on some sexercises. Learn to bend and stretch and you may even see stars!

  • #19: How to get a ring that ROCKS: Have you ever caught yourself giving not so discreet looks at a particularly gorgeous ornament on the finger of a friend – or even a perfect stranger – only to have them complement their fiance's excellent taste?

  • #18: Office Romances: You spend at least eight hours a day there. So it's inevitable that you're going to meet men at work. Here's some advice on doing it right.

  • #17: Top 3 turn-offs: No one is trying to be passion killers, but someone just had to say something about those annoying habits some couples have of totally grossing out everyone around them.

  • #16: Romance Feng Shui: Feng Shui master, Lilian Too (author of The llustrated Encyclopedia of Feng Shui) teaches us how to get the romantic winds blowing our way. The part of your home which represents love is in the southwest corner. Determine which way your main door faces, by using a compass.

  • #15: The writing's on the wall: Want to know more about his romantic potential? Just take a look at his handwriting for a few clues on what makes him tick...

  • #14: Mascara Made Easy: Your lashes are the most natural ornaments of your eyes. Use them to your advantage!

  • #13: 10 Great New Reasons to get fit: Flat abs? Better biceps? That's just the beginning. Exercise is the best natural fix for life's problems according to the latest cutting-edge research.

  • #12: Who's the real you?: Ok, here's the public face you present to the world, but are you showing your true colors? Take this quiz and discover your secret side.

  • #11: The Right Colors for the Right Occasion: Colors can influence your mood and have a positive effect on the people around you. Here's how to brave three nerve-wrecking situations and pass with flying colors!

  • #10: Underground Medicine: Ginger is a spice with such a wide range of varied and valuable health benefits that you can walk into any bookshop and pick up a title like "Ginger: Common Spice and Wonder Drug" by Paul Schulick.

  • #9: Love Yourself: There's never been a better time to be a young woman, so make the most of it!

  • #8: Gyno Anxiety: A regular PAP smear is a good start, but really looking after yuor body requires more intimate knowledge.

  • #7: Are you a Big Fibber?: Okay, truthfully now – do you or don't you tell fibs? If you do (no lying!) you're not alone.

  • #6: Shine on your first day: Yay! You got the job. They were stunned at your ability to juggle flaming torches, while finalising the accounts; and your promise to bring in $10 million of new business at the same time. Now the girl that dazzled them in the interview has to prove it all, become a star team-player, and take that career ladder leap that this new job was all about. Nervous? It's understandable. But here are a few tips for taking the stress out of your first day on the job.

  • #5: Let's Party!: What's more fun than going to a party? Throwing one, of course! Here's an ultimate guide to doing that Martha Stewart thang - only decades younger!

  • #4: What Your Best Friend Does In Bed: You know her taste in food, fashion and men, but what about her sex life? Admit it, you've probably wondered whether her bedroom action sizzles more than yours. So let's find out.

  • #3: Best friend VS boyfriend - What to do when they hate each other: You have a new man, and you want to share your happiness with your best pals, who've stuck by you through thick, thin and lousy exes. But what happens when they don't click with Mr Right Now?

  • #2: The Salad Trap: Are salads really the healthy diet option? Could that salad you had for lunch be ruining your diet? Here's the dirt on the fat that's lurking behind those innocent looking lettuce leaves.

  • #1: Be a Beach Babe: Surf, sun and sand! Let's go on a getaway with all the products, tips and fashion to put you in vacation mode.


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