Hello. My name is Pu Niao and I am a female blogger residing in a warm tropical country called Singapore. At -Chopsticks-, I first started blogging mainly about my life, personal opinions, lifestyle pertaining to living in Singapore on this blog and any other stuffs that I find interesting to share with my readers. What started out as curiosity back in April 2007 soon turned into serious blogging-mania for me.

Although despite self-learning HTML on my own through anime fan sites and fan shrines, I wouldn't dare call myself an expert HTML user. Just enough for me to know what I am doing when it comes to adding links and such on my blog. I still need to check my "HTML Bible" occassionally when I am lost as to how to do certain layout related stuffs, just like adding this page.

Throughout the many years of me blogging on my own blog -Chopsticks-, I have taken a few hiatus as I was down with blogger's block (the equivalent of a writer's block, I believe). And what started off as blogging soon turned into a daily image uploadoing affair as I kind of found myself unable to write down much of my thoughts and feelings.

And through blogging over at my main blog at -Chopsticks-, I regularly sneak in beauty-related product reviews. And sadly to say, the reviews were rather short as I was still a newbie at doing beauty product reviews. And also partly because my main blog consists of posts about my personal life, it's rather hard to find the posts I need.

Finally in July this year, I finally decided to start a brand new blog that focuses on only beauty related stuffs, like product reviews, samples I've found which I owe my thanks to Irene for pointing me in the right direction, samples that I want to share with my friends, readers and followers.

Along the way, I incorporated one of my old defunct blog mars and venus... actually into this beauty blog as well. Truth be told, it was rather easy on my mars and venus... actually blog as it's only once-a-month blog post, however, I kinda lost track of it and ended up being lazy to update it anymore. But with this once-a-month beauty-related topic concept in mind, I revived it here. And truthfully, there are some good topics that I had left behind there, so, I will be reviving some topics from that blog and updating them for this blog's once-a-month to share with my readers and followers what I've previously been up to.

And for those of your beatiful readers who stumbled to this blog, here's a little info on what I do on my Facebook page (Pu Niao's Product Reviews). As I update this blog almost on a daily basis, I will post the update on my Facebook page in a condensed and summarized version so it won't seem repetitive. And at the same time, I will also post up links on my Facebook page if I come across any blog contests/giveaways that I am aware of and also competitions that I found and want to share with my Facebook fans. I promise to try not to do unnecessary daily postings on life quote's, life quote images, basically the preaching stuffs that other organizations on Facebook are already doing.

If for any reason you don't see a blog post up for at least a day, rest assured that I was only gone for a day to catch a breath and take a little rest. Hey! I'm a human and I do need to rest every now and then too. Unless you don't mind reading reviews that sounds monotonous and deadpanned, which I'd rather not attempt to do so. If there's no blog posts up for close to 3 days, then it's just because there was a monthly beauty-related topic that was previously posted. To quote:

Pu Niao's Beauty Junkie Reviews monthly beauty related topics are published on the 1st Sunday of the 1st week every month, followed by a 3-day no-post period for readers to enjoy.

If there's going to be an absence of more than 3 days, I will duly update this blog, my Facebook page, Google+ Page and my Twitter account to inform you all of the absence. Lest you all thought I tripped into a hole in the ground and got stucked there :P

Bodily Sufferings

My current skin condition is as follows:
  • Oily T-Zone, but mostly recurring on the chin area
  • Occasional dandruffs, mostly starting from the hairline
  • Stubborn & pesky acne that's always undecided on it's next course of action
  • Dry skin that cracks easily (under pressure)
  • Skin that gets sunburned very easily.

Beliefs & Promises

Kindly note that:
  • All reviews on skin care products, hair care products and such are based on my own experience. Whatever works for me, may not work for you. Please exercise discretion when using products I've reviewed. Pu Niao's Beauty Junkie Reviews nor the writer cannot be held responsible for any negative body reaction that you may experience from the usage of my recommended products.
  • All sponsored product(s), review(s) and advertorials shall be determined by the writer. Rest assured, all reviews will not be influenced by the brand or company. In short, if it's good it is good. But if it's bad, you get the idea..
  • Pu Niao's Beauty Junkie Reviews only endorse products, brands, companies and establishments that she believe in, based on her own experience and expertise, are worthy of such endorsement. Pu Niao's Beauty Junkie Reviews will remain truthful to her readers at all times.


The reason why you do not see much photos of me showing my face is because I am reviewing beauty products, not reviewing myself. Hence, what you see here will be photographs about the products I am reviewing and I personally do not believe in trying to wrestle attention and importance away from the beauty products. Similarly, whether my blog (or me as the blogger) is being sponsored or I am working as a full-time beauty blogger with a steady income, I still will not divert from placing the utmost importance on the beauty products I am working with. In other words, rest assured that your sponsored beauty product reviews will always receive the full attention of my lens which ultimately results in valuable content that speaks volumes for your product(s).