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The Face Shop: Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam Peach Review

WHAT IS IT: The Face Shop: Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam Peach
The Face Shop&#58 Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam Peach

The Face Shop&#58 Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam Peach
The Face Shop: Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam Peach: A natural hydrating facial foam wash-Formulated with peach extract & nine kinds of herb extracts-Penetrates deep into pores to remove impurities & buildup that can cause clogged pores & blackheads. Provides moisture & nutrition to skin-Leaves skin soft clear elastic & youthful looking. Perfect for all skin types. To use, simply apply a moderate amount & massage onto wet face. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water & follow with daily day or night skincare regimens.

The Face Shop&#58 Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam Peach
Personally, I like the fact that most Korean beauty products almost always comes with a foil seal. In the event I only start using this after buying, for example 3 months ago, the foil seal ensures the product doesn't get contaminated in any way. Useful and helpful for folks like me who likes to sniff existing on-hand beauty products every now and then.

The Face Shop&#58 Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam Peach
As you can see here, the cleansing foam itself comes in a light pink pearlescent color that shimmers a little here and a little there when you tilt your hand left and right. That shimmery feeling~

The Face Shop&#58 Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam Peach
It suds up rather decently and have this wonderful peach scent that isn't too heavy. In fact, it's actually light and mild only before you apply it to your face/skin to use.

VERDICT: Let's start with the scent of this product in slightly more detail. The Face Shop actually has 6 more scents/flavors to this range, but I think Peach is probably more of a better choice in terms of scent. I can't remember what the other range smells like, they were't that bad to be honest. But Peach just smells gentler and warmer, if you get what I meant here. The scent is really light and mild, instead of overpowering, to quote for example, Tea Tree which distinctively has this menthol-minty scent to it, making it obvious what exact scent or product it is. The scent slowly dissipates upon contact with the skin, without lingering on obsessively.

Anyway, I was browsing around The Face Shop at Bukit Panjang Plaza, wandered into The Face Shop roughly 2-3 weeks after it opened solely for the main purpose of being able to shop or browse in peace without pesky humans gushing over everything and ending up not buying anything. (They take up a lot of standing space by just standing at the same spot going "Ooh!" and "Aah!") Anyway, the sales staff who attended to me was patient in hearing me describe my skin woes and problems and lament on not knowing what products to correctly use for cleansing my skin. I think most sales staff probably will cut you off right after the very first sentence you said to them and immediately start recommending. Or maybe I just luck out and encountered a patient sales staff or probably because I said the next sentence fast enough so she can't "cut" in, I'm not sure though ^^

I was in the market for at least 2 different types of cleanser, 1 for day and 1 for night usage. I wanted a cleanser in the daytime when my skin is a little more prone to showing bedsheet marks after getting out of bed, while at the same time being gentle without making my skin feels overly cleansed which some cleansing products always managed to do. I like that this cleanser cleanses my face well without making my skin feels taut and dry after using. And it also leaves my skin feeling soft and the best part? When I do have pimples, it doesn't irritate the pimple as it is a really soft cleanser. It's just a matter of not using too much force when cleansing your face.

To be honest, this is one of those few and rare cleanser products that I've been continuously using for the past year without changing it. But be warned, no copious amount of "foam" nor "foaming" was noticed when using this. It actually feels and behaves more like a cream cleanser instead of a foam cleanser, it just lathers up nicely only. And the "herb" part in the product's name hints at the 9 different herbs it contains:

  • Marronnier - Tightens pores
  • Soapwort - Cleansing
  • Lady's Mantle - Anti-aging and astringent
  • Sage - Anti-aging and helps clarify skin
  • Rooibos - Antioxidants
  • Camomile - Reduces redness
  • Borage - Moisturizing
  • Centaurea Cyanus - Astringent and antioxidant

Sure, this product isn't exactly a heavy-duty cleanser like those that comes with micro-beads for exfoliation. But as my skin is liable to angsty moments with pimples like a teenager denied fast food and junk food, I personally like that my skin feels so clean and fresh, and SOFT LIKE A BABY'S without the usual tightness, dryness and tautness I mostly get with other facial cleansers. I also noticed that because it is a soft and gentle cleanser, if you do take the time to slowly and gently massage into your skin, it still gives that clean, fresh and gentle feeling to your skin. Unlike other brand's facial cleansers that seems to work against what it promises if you attempt to massage and cleanse your skin slightly longer. Maybe it's just me who appreciates facial cleansing and shower times, but I do assure you, it is what I described above.


WHAT I THINK: Gentles on your skin even when pimples are present, cleanses quite well and leaves your skin feeling soft, cleansed and clean. And sometimes I wear light makeup, I find that this product is able to cleanse off the light makeup I have on my skin and once again, no tightness, no tautness nor drying sensation observed on my skin after cleansing. Still that clean, gentle and soft feeling.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: No sample for redemption. Not that I've encountered any samples for the other scents in the range I didn't buy. But I believe you are able to give this product a try right at their retail outlet, just ask if you can. And also, each scent/flavor is meant for different skin problems, but most of them are suitable for oily to combination skin.

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