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iLa Spa Night Cream Rejuvenating Skin Cells Review

WHAT IS IT: iLa Spa Night Cream Rejuvenating Skin Cells
iLa Spa Night Cream Rejuvenating Skin Cells

iLa Spa Night Cream Rejuvenating Skin Cells
iLa Spa Night Cream Rejuvenating Skin Cells: ila’s luscious Night Cream aids the restorative benefits of sleep, penetrating skin’s innermost layers to support from deep within. Fatty acids from the marapuama tree restore elasticity and visibly enhance tone and texture while antioxidants repair free radical damage caused by pollution and harsh weather. Potent but entirely natural skin cell rejuvenators, including essential fatty acids and fresh royal jelly, stimulate deep cellular processes helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

iLa Spa Night Cream Rejuvenating Skin Cells
Directions for usage is stated clearly. Although it is a Night Cream, I personally find that it's still rather rich for my combination skin. Even though just a really small amount is more than sufficient for the entire face, it still feels like it's too much though. So, I generally use just a small tiny dot and in the event it doesn't sufficiently cover the entire face, another small tiny dot again.

iLa Spa Night Cream Rejuvenating Skin Cells
You can see that it is really thick and creamy, so, a really small tiny dot is what you should start with to prevent over-moisturizing.

iLa Spa Night Cream Rejuvenating Skin Cells
My skin looks hydrated and moisturized instantly. And depending on how little or how much you apply, the amount of stickiness you feel on your skin varies. As I use a small tiny dot of Night Cream, it doesn't feel as if my skin is too sticky or oily at all.

VERDICT: The scent itself is so heavenly that just one sniff is enough to fool you into thinking you are having a moment at a Spa instead of at home. It helps that the brand name has the word "Spa" in it as well. Just sniffing it before you actually use it just makes your mind goes a flutter as you imagine all the goodness your skin is going to feel and get when you finally apply the product itself to your skin just before bedtime.

As Singapore isn't really a cool climate type of country, so I generally only use it when the night is colder than usual, which typically means never. But it does help with the fact that because Singapore is such a hot and humid country that it is normal to sleep with the air-conditioner on at the coldest or the electric fan at full blast. Just perfect for using it on a nightly basis, in this case.

As it is a Night Cream, it is really thick, heavy and creamy and I personally found out that applying only a small tiny dab, just half a pea size is actually more than enough to cover the entire face to give it the moisture it needed. Technically, we should also use a Night Cream instead of a Night Lotion. Reason being, our skin loses moisture at night while we sleep. So, my presumption is that, using a Night Lotion means that your skin will lose just as much moisture while you sleep. But when using a Night Cream instead, even though we do lose moisture from our skin, it won't be that much of a significant loss as we are using a Night Cream (heavy and thick) instead of Night Lotion (light and lightweight).

I personally like how the Night Cream doesn't feel heavy, sticky nor oily on my face, which I attribute the reason to applying sparingly to avoid the greasiness and stickiness encountered with thick and heavy skin creams. As I tend to roll around in bed at night, I sometimes wake up to see imprints of folded sheets leftover on parts of my face, they tend to fade away after a while. But after using this Night Cream, these "imprints" are no longer seen on my face when I wake up in the morning. Yay!!


WHAT I THINK: As both the Day Cream and Night Cream is similar in texture and consistency, and the fact that both pots looked literally the same, with the exception of the words stating whether it's Day or Night, one can easily apply the wrong cream at the wrong time of the day without careful looking. So, a tiny half-pea size dab is definitely more than enough, no matter how dry or oily your skin is.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: No sample for redemption.

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