Thursday, February 6, 2014

Quickie Review: A Simple Guide

So, what is a Quickie Review all about?

As stated on my Facebook page over at Pu Niao's Beauty Junkie Reviews, the idea came up when I was nursing a bad headache during a 3 hour snooze break.

Even though I am running a beauty review blog, I still harbor thoughts on being able to review products that are seemingly difficult to review in as much as 4-5 paragraphs long. Suddenly, the words "Quicke Review" popped into my already "pounded-badly-by-the-headache" head. Products such as shower gels, fragrances, etc can be included into a newly thought-up "Quickie Review". Perfect for those days when I am still trying samples before putting them up for review on my blog.

To sum it up, products such as:

  • Shower Gels
  • Fragrances, Eau De Toilette, Eau de Parfum
  • Nail Polish, Nail Varnish
  • Hand Creams

Although do be aware that not every product will be put up under Quickie Review. The usual products and samples reviewing is still ongoing, but I want to be able to review almost anything and everything related to beauty products as much as I possibly can. And I personally felt that it's a little unfair that some products gets to be showcased while some have to be ignored due to the fact that it's almost impossible to thoroughly review it properly. Fragrances are such an example, to be precise. To quote a dear friend, "How on earth does one review a fragrance?" And I have to wholeheartedly agree.

The last fragrance review I did previously, in lieu of a fragrance giveaway was just so extremely hard to do so. Even after reading other related and similar beauty blogs, I was still scratching my head and feeling clueless on how on earth I have to go about writing a 4-5 paragraph review on it. Although I did manage to did it somehow, after lingering on the same subject for a day or so. But then, I still think I could have done it in another method, and much more better and easier to understand as well.

As mentioned before, Quickie Review will be in a Q&A format where it will be slightly different from the normal try-and-review formula I have come up with. I'll also introduce a "sidekick" for the Quickie Review too, to inject a little fun into it. I can't really promise too much, but what I can promise is that, I'll try my very best. So, comments and opinions and even feedbacks are more than welcome to help improve it even more.

Time to look for that forementioned sidekick then~

Take care and keep a lookout for the very first Quickie Review coming up soon :D


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