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Jimmy'z Skin Care Oil Control Cleansing Foam Review

WHAT IS IT: Jimmy'z Skin Care Oil Control Cleansing Foam
Jimmy'z Skin Care Oil Control Cleansing Foam

Jimmy'z Skin Care Oil Control Cleansing Foam
Jimmy'z Skin Care Oil Control Cleansing Foam: This product is from champion Cashmere goat's milk and lanolin. Goat's secretion in goat's milk is nutritious and pure because it has pure water and zero nuclear pollution.

Goat's milk has a lot of natural elements, and lanolin would store the wet and prevents the skin from drying. After using this to wash your face, it achieves the effect of repair and adds Epilobium Fleischeri and other plant oil control formula to control oil secretion effectively. The gentle foam can penetrate pores thoroughly via cleansing. With added Witch Hazel extract to enable pore tightening effect.

P/S: Original wording doesn't make any sense, so I tried to re-phrase it as much as possible so that everyone can roughly know what this product is about. But to be honest, I'm kinda lost somewhere too ^^;

Jimmy'z Skin Care Oil Control Cleansing Foam
This product comes with a peelable/removable foil to prevent product leakage prior to using it for the first time.

Jimmy'z Skin Care Oil Control Cleansing Foam
Unlike traditional cleansing foam, this product is actually very watery and light at the same time. So, you don't need much water to sud it up into foam.

Jimmy'z Skin Care Oil Control Cleansing Foam
It slowly foams up before more luxurious foams makes it's grand appearance :D

VERDICT: This cleansing foam has a particular unique scent to it that I can't put my finger to. It isn't heavily or even remotely fragranced, like typical cleansers you can get your hands on nowadays. But at the same time, I personally don't recognize the scent at all. So, it might probably be a scent-free cleansing foam. But then, part of it's ingredients consists of goat's milk, so it might smell something like a cross between goat's milk and nothing like goat's milk. I've been sniffing this product for ages, espcially each time before using it and many times, I still cannot figure out the scent. So regretfully, we'll have to leave the scent part alone for this review.

This cleansing foam is actually really watery and light at the same time, unlike traditional or usual cleansing foams that is thick and creamy. In essence, the cleansing "foam" part comes when you rubbed it between your hands, fingers or palms with a splash of water before using the foam to cleanse your face. You can see the consistency and texture for yourself in the second last photo I've uploaded. It's definitely really watery and yet light at the same time. So, care has to be taken when using this product. Too much overflowing out will ensure you run out of cleansing foam faster than usual whereas too little will end up looking too watery to produce any foam of any sort.

I personally find that it doesn't take much effort or trouble to get this cleansing foam to foam up at all. And the foam glides easily onto my skin without much hassle either. And when it comes to using this cleansing foam, it just gently spreads around the skin on your face too. And that un-describable scent that I cannot describe, it doesn't irritate my skin at all too.

As for the oil control part, I did notice a significant change on the sebum on my face. The sebum is lesser than prior to using this cleansing foam. Before using this, my face tend to look overly glossy and overly shiny when my face is oily. But after using this cleansing foam, it doesn't look that way anymore. In fact, I think the oil part on my face is actually well controlled to the extent that I needn't necessarily have to re-apply a second layer of makeup while at work.

What's best is that, it doesn't aggravate any new skin issues on my skin too. Although my current pimple trio (Surprise! They made an impromptu visit without any warning although luckily they showed up way before I started using this cleansing foam T_T ) doesn't seem to know what it should do. It didn't do anything adverse to the existing pimples I had while at the same time it didn't seem to help much either ^^; But on the contrary, my skin doesn't feel too overly dry after using this cleansing foam too.


WHAT I THINK: It foams easily, cleanses without any pulling or tugging feel/sensation on the skin. And best of all, it doesn't take too much muscles to wash it off my skin. I'm still giving this a 3 ✓ as it doesn't have anything to do with the pimple trio that surfaced on my cheek recently.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: During February 2013, Venus Beauty on Facebook conducted a Facebook Mystery Random Fan Giveaway and I was one of the lucky ones to get a cleansing foam that's right for my skin type.

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