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Samples Received/Redeemed: 07 Oct - 31 Oct 2013

It feels like forever since I last posted here, and kindly allow me to explain what on earth happened. Firstly, my work schedule's been kinda hectic, so it's actually a little hard to find time to blog, hence the sudden short 1-month hiatus without any updates or whatsoever.

Secondly, I'm also brainstorming on how my reviews can be better. I know I sometimes tend to go a little off-topic and wandered off somewhere in my post(s). Hence, I was also thinking how I can make the off-topic parts become more relevant to the blog post itself.

And thirdly, I've also noticed that some week(s), I might only get less than 2 samples and/or freebies or even none at all. Therefore, I was contemplating of shifting and accumulating the "Samples Received/Redeemed" posts. In short, if I only have less than 3 samples this week, I'll bring the post forward to next Saturday instead where when 2 weeks are combined, there will slightly be more samples and freebies mentioned in my "Samples Received/Redeemed" posts. This wouldn't make Saturday's post look sad with only 1 or 2 samples/freebies being mentioned. So technically, depending on the amount of samples/freebies I get, it will either be a weekly "Samples Received/Redeemed" post or once every 2 weeks instead.

Anyways, it's still in the planning process, so I'll just stop my yapping here and proceed right back to the topic, "Samples Received/Redeemed" from 07 October to 31 October. Note that there's a total of 32 photos for this post, so if it gets a little laggy, I kindly and humbly beg for your forgiveness in the slowness that Blogger has to go through before all the photos are fully loaded. Go Go Go~

Xndo Japanese Chicken Rice
Xndo was previously hosting a giveaway on their Facebook page, and since the prize looked tempting, I decided to give it a go by joining. I wasn't expecting to win anyway, since I'm not the only few fans and everyone just loves free food LOL So, imagine my surprise when my name was mentioned in their Xndo's GIVE AWAY No.2. Although the fact that having my photo taken creeps me out a little and the fact that I ended up applying a light layer of makeup to conceal my acne scars and blemishes before showing up at Jurong Point to collect my prize. I was just lucky that the staffs at Xndo Jurong Point didn't encounter this before, hence I was spared from having my photo taken. If only I knew, I wouldn't even put on any makeup LOL

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Currently, Xndo is hosting their 5th giveaway, with the prize being the 195kcal Xndo Laksa. If you are interested to join, head over to Xndo Facebook page at and join their giveaway contest simply by "Liking & Sharing" the relevant post for a chance. 10 winners for each prize, if I may add.

I got to know about The Sample Store's latest free-postage samples and went on to redeem my goodies. But let's just say, with the revamp comes more disappointment. Products only last for 3 weeks before it expires. What if I intend to redeem these products cos I have an overseas trip sometime around December. Wouldn't the redemption and the products have gone to waste if it expires at the end of October when I intend to use it only in December?

The Sample Store
Here's a look at the new revamped packaging, the previous packaging is a brown envelope. Although it feels like receiving presents for samples that we have to pay postage for, now the other worrying issue is when the samples expire. Kinda exasperating, if you were to ask me.

The Sample Store
The Sample Store is having an Instagram contest, which simply put, I have no interest in joining. Having an instagram account is so over-rated, I wonder how they will decide the winners. Personally, I think Instagram contests can get messy somehow, I still prefer those blog or Facebook pages contest where it's easy to keep track of who followed the rules and who didn't. Although I have to admit that via Instagram, it's much more easier to keep track of who's still following you and who didn't, in the event you need to find out if a contestant decided to un-Like you befoer the contest ends.

The Sample Store
It's a box of Hada Labo es samples.

The Sample Store
And on the back of the packaging, are the products/samples that are available inside the box itself.

The Sample Store
From left to right:

  • Hada Labo es Foam Wash @ 80ml
  • Hada Labo es Makeup Remover @ 30ml
  • Hada Labo es Lotion @ 30ml
  • Hada Labo es Milk @ 30ml

The Sample Store
And here's a look at the expiry date, 31 October 2013. I received this sample package just shortly under 2.5 week, and it's not enough time to use it fully for 3 weeks. Disappointing..

The Sample Store
Along the way, I waited for 2 days later to get my hands on another 2 more free-postage samples. But to my disappointment, one of them was fully redeemed, which left me with this one. It was the Essential Intensive Hair Mask series, namely Nuance Airy and Rich Premier. Unfortunately, Rich Premier was fully redeemed so I could only get my grubby and clammy hands on the Nuance Airy instead.

The Sample Store
Here's a peak inside the intensive hair mask sample package. Each sachet is 15g, more than enough for my shoulder-length hair.

The Sample Store
The sample pouch even comes with a Hair Mask Trivia too.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Basically, The Sample Store has increased/revised their postage fees once more and I still find the amount way too expensive. Going out of the house to Orchard Road to collect various samples (a.k.a transport journey money) is more cheaper than The Sample Store postage fee. On the other hand, if you want an account to just simply only redeem samples with Free-Postage and/or Free-Delivery, you can do so at my sign-up referral link above, it's under the Referral tab on the header. Currently, I'm just keeping my eyes tight on the section that says Sponsored Samples on The Sample Store website, as Sponsored Samples generally meant that postage is free/waived.

Black Box October
So, Black Box decided to have a balloting for their bi-monthly free beauty box simply because some of us who initially registered with them did not get our fixed bi-monthly beauty box while some didn't even get a hint of reply on whether they are eligible or not. It was rather frustrating that they do not simply increase the amount of free boxes at all to suit the overall supply-and-demand chain that's going on. Let's just say, I was lucky enough to get a chance to get my hands on the October box via the new ballot system, and I'm confirmed and guaranteed to get the December one as well.

Black Box October
So as usual, a card informing you how lucky you are to get your hands on the current Black Box that you are currently holding in your hands LOL For me, I'm just going "Phew! Thank Gawd I got it.."

Black Box October
And on the back of the card are the list of items available in your current Black Box. Let's just say mine's a little weird, instead of the mentioned eye-mask, I got a full facial mask. And instead of Cleansing Lotion, it's a Cleansing Lotion in cotton pad form. And the pack of tea is missing. Hmm...

Black Box October
And the available vouchers that are available. I won't list them one by one, but let's just say, it's almost the same few discount vouchers in your previous Black Boxes that you have received.

Black Box October
From left to right:

  • VDL CC Cream SPF25 PA+++ x 1 @ 40ml
  • SexyLook Escargot Extract Cotton Mask Sheet x 1 @ 30ml

Black Box October
From left to right:

  • Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse x 1 @ 10ml
  • Bifesta Sebum Cleansing Lotion (Cotton Type) x 1 @ 11.8ml
  • Darlie Double Action Enamel Protect Toothpaste x 1 @ 50g

Black Box October
A package of Zappy wipes. I've heard so much about Zappy wipes, but never got around to getting a.k.a buying them to try out. So, a humble chance to get a few packs in my October 2013 Black Box. Is it me or am I getting s whiff of wipes somewhere?

Black Box October
From left to right, top to bottom:

  • Zappy After Sports Wipes x 1
  • Zappy Ultimate x 1
  • Zappy Sun System Sunscreen Wipes x 1
  • Zappy Insect Repellent Wipes x 1
  • Zappy Boy Alcohol Wipe x 1

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: To stand a chance to get your very own Black Box, you will first need to subscribe to Black Box at Next, keep a lookout in your email inbox. When it's time for the next Black Box to make it's appearance, an email will be sent to you informing you that balloting is up. Let's hope I'm forever that lucky in securing my Black Box bimonthly via the Balloting system LOL

So, my birthday is approaching and as usual every year, Cetaphil mailed me a S$3 discount voucher.

And this year, I got to make an empty present box. I never quite understand this though. If I'm supposed to put my pressie inside that box, wouldn't it be a little too small to shove in a 1 litre cleanser into a box meant for a small fashion accessory? ^^;

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: As long as you have registed with Cetaphil Singapore Facebook page for samples before, your information will be stored in their database. When your birthday approaches, you will definitely get a birthday voucher to use. 2nd time running that I am using the voucher as a wall decoration, to be honest.

I found out about this giveaway via MdmCheapo and joined. Instead of a free-for-all sample giveaway, only selected winners are chosen. Wasn't expecting to win as well, since I have terribly bad luck at winning food-related stuffs in the first place.

Ayam Brand
So, I got 2 cans of Ayam Brand Sardines, flavours are Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Green Peppercorn and each can weighs 120g.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Giveaway is over.

Daily Vanity X Elizabeth Arden
Daily Vanity had a giveaway, and the prize was a Elizabeth Arden lipstick. I was kinda eyeing the light red/pinkish tone one, but got a fig-colored lipstick instead. And the color actually looks "dark" :O

By the way, you can use this coupon code: evelyn to get 10% discount off already heavily-discounted beauty products when you make a purchase at Daily Vanity e-shop over at Do note that this coupon code: evelyn will expire on 30 November 2013, so get your beauty fixes and products

Daily Vanity X Elizabeth Arden
Here's a peek at the Elizabeth Arden lipstick I won!!

Daily Vanity X Elizabeth Arden
Even the container itself is gold. So atas!! LOL

Daily Vanity X Elizabeth Arden
I won the Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in Fig, very dark wor!!!

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Daily Vanity Facebook page has regular giveaways, to join simply go over to and follow the instructions on the relevant posts to join. And good luck!!

I needed socks, and I love the Japanese version. So, off to Daiso for some cheap hauls!!!

Daiso Haul
Currently, my tea packs stash is getting dangerously low. I love coffee, but I love tea too. And my teabags also tore when removing from the box itself, which resulted in tea leafs deep-diving in my water bottle. Kinda icky to think about the fact that I may have remnants of tea leaves stuck on my teeth. I don't which is worse? Food or tea leaves stuck on teeth..

Daiso Haul
Then, I went crazy on stock up on all available black-ish tabi socks that I need for work. Toe socks are getting more and more expensive, hence I switched over to tabi socks. And since Daiso sells them for S$2 a pair, it's already cheap enough for me.

Daiso Haul
I bought a combination of men and women tabi socks in all. Pretty sure I'm well known for my sock purchase ROFL

Guardian Haul
And I've been eyeing these babies for months on end already and each time, I kept forgetting to get them. Since November is my birthday month, I decided to "splurge" a little on these masks. Yes, I am crazy for masks, especially the clay and peeling ones as I like my skin clean and detoxed since I have clogged pores. The masks includes, from left to right, top to bottom:

  • Facial Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals @ 150ml
  • Facial Purifying Clay Mask Açaí @ 150ml
  • Facial Revealing Peel-Off Pomegranate @ 150ml
  • Facial Clay Mask Miny & Lemon @ 150ml
  • Facial Polishing Mask Charcoal & Black Sugar @ 150ml

All these masks retails at under S$7 a tube at all Guardian Pharmacy outlets.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Unfortunately, there's no samples for Daiso and Guardian pharmacy.

Ezyhealth magazine constantly and regularly have giveaways. So far, this is my 2nd time winning from them.

Ezyhealth QV Promo
This time round, I won the QV Facial Set. And as usual, I'm more familiar with the place as it's my second time going over to Science Park Centre for my prize redemption. Wasn't exactly expecting a bus-full of passengers who stare and wonder why on earth did I get off the bus in the middle of nowhere. As Science Park Centre is more office than retail mall territory LOL

Ezyhealth QV Promo
The items are, from left to right:

  • QV Face Revitalizing Eye Cream x 1 @ 15g
  • QV Face Moisturizing Day Cream x 1 @ 75g
  • QV Face Gentle Cleanser x 1 @ 250g

Ezyhealth QV Promo
And a pamphlet on the other additional QV Face products available for purchase too!!

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Go over to Ezyhealth Promotion, fill in your details and choose the prize you want to win. If I'm not wrong, this should be a monthly or bimonthly giveaway contest. If you won, you will receive a letter in your mailbox, informing you that you won and on the back of the letter is a map showing the place of collection.

Why not like my Facebook page at to be informed of latest samples I found, which is duly updated? Also includes updates to health, beauty & lifestyle tips at least once a day. It will definitely save you the trouble of having to hunt them down :)


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