Stuffs I Have Won

Here's a list of what I have won for myself in contests and giveaways. You can be a winner too!! Why not Like my Facebook page to be informed of ongoing contests and giveaways that I've sourced out?

Just note that I did not pull any strings at all, when it comes to winning these prizes. (I wish I could, if so, I would ensure everyone who are fans of my Facebook page would be guaranteed winners lol) I just randomly joined, and did not think I would be so lucky to win anything at all. But well, I wasn't really hell-bent on winning them in the first place as I personally like to join contests and giveaways where there's at least more than 5 winners, which meant I have 5 equal chances as everyone else who joined. If I won, good for me. If I don't, then maybe it's not right for me to use the products I've won and it would have benefitted the next person who won it.

My trick? Don't think too much about winning and honestly, I always thought my name was so "poisonous" as I've never won anything, whether it's big or small. Maybe Lady Luck is finally smiling upon me? o_O"

Why not like my Facebook page at to be informed of latest samples I found, which is duly updated? Also includes updates to contests that I've sourced out for you to join. It will definitely save you the trouble of having to hunt them down :)

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Date of Giveaway?

ilovepeppersung Brain Teaser Time #11
River Gauche Patisserie
04 March 2013

Silky Veil Sample
Honeyz Cube x Silky Veil giveaway
15 March 2013

Venus Beauty: Jimmy'z Skin Care
Oil Control Cleansing Foam
27 February 2013
Facebook Mystery
Random Fan Giveaway

Lunar New Year Giveaway - Round 1
Radiance & Luminous Pearl Mask
21 February 2013

Lifebuoy Body Wash - Cool Fresh
25 January 2013

Rene Furterer - Forticea Stimulating Shampoo
27 January 2013

Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum by Seven Wonders
Friends List Monthly Raffle
04 February 2013

Mizon UV Mild Sun Block SPF 35 50ml
29 January 2013

Heinzology Contest
15 & 23 January 2012
Heinzology #10:
Heinzology #17:

Clarins UV PLUS HP Day Screen
High Protection SPF 40
UVA-UVB/PA+++ Anti-pollution Beige
29 December 2012

License2Play Playbrick Earphones
24 December 2012

Sulwhasoo 2pc Renewing Kit
Sulwhasoo 4pc Basic Kit
Sulwhasoo Herbal Soap
17 December 2012

Sulwhasoo Deluxe Sampling Kit
17 December 2012

FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil (Travel Pack)
15 December 2012

Palmer's Singapore
Dark Chocolate & Cherry Butter
06 December 2012

Enrich-Lift-EX 20g
02 December 2012

iLa Spa Day Cream & Night Cream
29 November 2012

What's in the Bag? Happy Pack
28 November 2012

Banana Boat Premium
27 November 2012

Erabelle Long-Lasting Brow Pencil
16 November 2012

Gone Shopping Too/Allerines Premium Tea – Gingerish
September Giveaway

Sasa Facebook DR.G Super Aquasis Giveaway
13 August 2012

Nescafé Gold Contest Winner
22 August 2012

T-Zone Skin Perfect Pore Tightening Cleanser
22 August 2012

T-Zone Deep Pore Exfoliating Daily Wash
22 August 2012

Energising Cleansing Mousse
06 August 2012

Eternal White Night Cream
06 August 2012

NIP+FAB Bust Fix Décolleté Gel
25 July 2012


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