Sunday, May 4, 2014

Monthly Topic #16: Romance Feng Shui

Feng Shui master, Lilian Too (author of The llustrated Encyclopedia of Feng Shui) teaches us how to get the romantic winds blowing our way. The part of your home which represents love is in the southwest corner. Determine which way your main door faces, by using a compass. From there, you can decide which is the southwest corner. If this corner has good feng shui, the marriage and love aspirations of the household will be positively energised. How do you energise your love corner? Try one of these suggestions.

~Image Source: Lucky Path Feng Shui~

Natural crystals: Particularly those that are harmonious with the southwest sector, such as ra amethyst, quartz and cornelian. To make the crystals more potent, combine them with lights. Artificial lead crystals in the form of paperweights are equally effective.

Large earthen jars or pots: In any rounded shape are great for southwest corners. Place peacock feathers or flowers (artificial or fresh) into the jars. Note that you should never put dried or dead flowers into the jars as they represent the failure and death of a relationship.

A globe: Which is symbolic of Mother Earth will also stimulate the corner well. “Activate” it daily by giving the globe a spin. This creates yang energy that will help to balance the yin energy of the southwest corner.

Lights: It is important to keep the southwest corner of your home well-lit. Lights are a potent feng shui tool that are used to prevent the energy from becoming stale.

Pebbles: Place the pebbles in a shallow glass or crystal bowl and fill it with water. Sprinkle some flowers onto the water and place a floating candle in the centre of the bowl. This arrangement combines a variety of elements and the ritual of lightning the candle daily will attract vital energy to the corner.

A red love knot: This special knot is constructed so that it does not seem to have an end and appears to go on forever – which was why Chinese ladies of yore used it as a symbol of undying love. It will create loads of romantic energy when placed in the southwest corner. If you don't know how to tie this knot yourself, just buy a pre-tied one from local Chinese department stores.


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